5 Questions Before You Launch Your Brochure

by:APTEK     2020-09-17
Before you actually print those color brochures, you might first one to step back and review the draft that you have done. I know you might be super excited by what you have accomplished with your brochures, but remember that it is better to extra sure about your content and designs especially if you are spending all that money in brochure printing. So let me give you the five important questions that you should ask yourself before you actually launch those brochures and your marketing campaign. Read through each item below one by one and try to answer each question related to your color brochures. 1. Is your brochure message clear enough for everyone? - The message of your brochure is the foundation of the whole thing of course. That is why it is important that you check it if it is clear enough for everyone before initiating its mass production. Remember that everyone should be able to easily read it and understand the implications of what was printed. If there are hard words in the message, they must be defined. Only a clearly thought out brochure copy is suited for mass production, otherwise you might actually fail to get your message across to everyone, diluting the print's success. So try to test out your brochures with a wider audience sample or range. The more clear it is to more people, the better those brochures should be. 2. Can your design pop out among the rest? - Remember that you do not only have the only color brochure on the block. For most markets, you will have rivals out there that also print brochures. So before you actually mass produce those prints, you should review your design and see if it actually pops out among the rest of the brochures in deployment. That kind of distinction is important as it will drag more readers into reading your brochures. So ask yourself and check if indeed this is true. 3. Do you have a good call to action or attractive proposition? - Now, when it comes to the content of your brochures, you should remember to get a good call to action area or an attractive selling proposition. Directly telling people to respond or buy from your brochures is not effective. People hate being 'sold to' these days. Your selling point or call to action must be composed correctly so that people recognize their internal need to respond to your offer. So make sure that you review your brochure content and see if you have a good call to action or attractive proposition. 4. Is your chosen professional image reflected in the design? - Take note as well that each brochure you print is also a representative of you as the author and your company or project as a whole. This means that you should take care of how your identity is portrayed in your brochure design. It must match the way you want to be seen by people. If you want to be creative then those prints must be highly creative. If you want to be corporate then the theme should be corporate. Make sure that you always take this into account before you actually print those brochures so that this concept is properly applied. 5. Is your brochure template ideal for distribution? - Lastly, it is important to ask if the template used for your color brochures is ideal for your chosen distribution method. Brochures will be typically deployed to racks, to envelopes, to box kits and many other types of methods. It must fit all the methods that you prescribe for your brochure marketing campaign. So make sure you test print your brochure template and see if your prints will fit the sites you want them to. Now you know what you need to ask before you actually let go of the leash and start printing your custom brochures. The more you check and analyze your brochure drafts the better suited those prints should be for mass production and deployment.
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