A Review Of The Philips Ambilight 46PFL7605 46

by:APTEK     2020-09-15
The Philips Ambilight 46PFL7605H is an HDTV with a 46 inch LED backlit screen. This set supports video up to 1080p, with a response time of two milliseconds and a refresh rate of 100Hz. This fast display capability is combined with Philips Pixel Precise HD and HD Natural Motion cut down juttering, transitioning pixels between frames for smoother motion. Colors are displayed with a maximum 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Behind the screen there is an edge mounted LED backlight that allow the 46PFL7605H/12 to keep a slim profile in your home and on your utility bills. The set is only 5cm front to back and has a weight under seventeen kilos. When in standby this set draws less than 0.15 watts, going up to 110-170 when on depending on the settings. Backlight brightness is handled automatically by a light sensor. The Philips 46PFL7605 stands out from the crowd with its Ambilight Spectra 2, a pair of lights on the back of the set that shine light onto the surrounding wall that matches on-screen action, reducing eye fatigue. This latest version of the technology can adjust according to the wall colour ensuring displayed colours are always a close match to the display. The Ambilight can also be used as a solid coloured lamp when the set is off. Less noticeable but more important is the 46PFL7605Hs easy to use setup. The set will display pairs of pictures, changing color, tint, and other settings based on which ones you think look best. Sound setup uses a similar system, letting you tweak the audio based on a set of samples. Teletext is supported directly by the TV, avoiding the confusion of setting up each video input device for the service. Connections are mounted around a small raised square on the back, providing space for a 300 x 300 mm wall mounting bracket as well as easy access no matter where the TV is. The back of this space has connectors for SCART, Ethernet, PC audio in, and component audio/video. At the bottom of this square there are three HDMI connectors, another SCART connector, coaxial audio out, aerial in, and VGA in. The side holds a fourth HDMI connector as well an SD card reader and a USB port. Philips also sells a WiFi adapter that can be added to the set. DLNA support is included for streaming media over a local network, while Internet support includes popular services like Youtube and NetTV. There is also a built-in Internet browser. Although not as powerful as a computer-based browser, its far more usable than the 'walled garden' approach of most TVs. AVI, MPEG, MKV, and many other video formats are supported. Broadcast video also gets wide support with PAL, SECAM, and NTSC compatibility. If you want a TV that does everything out of the box, the Ambilight 46PFL7605H should be a consideration. Setup is simple, format support guarantees nearly any video will work, and the compact design lets you put it anywhere
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