All About Tig Welders

by:APTEK     2020-09-13
In this article, we are going to see all about tig welders, but not its process and uses. We will see how to set up, buy and choose this welding machine. Find out a welding supply stores who are specialized in dealing with this machine and look out some classifieds so that you can have an overview on the details of its sale and information about it. Don't ever go to welding product shop without knowing any information about the products that you are going to buy because some dealers may try to cheat you. So know the history and uses of tig welding machine through internet and through eBay. Visit some online retailer shops and ask your queries to them and they will clarify all your doubts regarding the welding products. Decide the manufacturer of tig welders and select the manufacturers who are best in dealing with these products. Next we are going to discuss on how to choose a tig welding machine. You need to familiarize yourself so that you can choose the quality ones that are capable of working with different gases. The welder you choose and metal type should match and it should be strong enough to weld materials that are hard and thick. Plug in requirements are there and different machines require different plug in set up and select a machine based on your work type so that you can easily accommodate it. Duty cycle requirement is very essential and many of you are not aware about duty cycles. It is nothing, but indicates how long the machine can operate without overheating during frequent intervals. There are different power tig series are available and while choosing it give importance to features and most of the types comes with features such as high frequency arc, automatic fans, digital settings and more. Select a manufacturer who can give you the quality welding machine with years of warranty because the machine without any warranty is not good to select. Next we will see how to set up a tog welding machine. It is very easy to set up and only few steps are required to set up a machine. First, plug the torch, gas and regulator hose at the required spots and screw the label connectors on the unit. How your work table is connected, in a similar way, your grounding clamp should be connected to a grounding object. Grind the tungsten wire and connect it to torch and tungsten should be spaced in such a way that it is placed in quarter inch gap out of the front end of the torch. Now you have set up the entire tig welder in a decent way, just plug the machine to electrical outlet and turn it on and start to work. First weld any waste material so that you can know how the machine is working and this step is applicable to all welding machines. Have a quality tig welding machine and make your work easier.
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