All Categories of Copper Wires

by:APTEK     2020-09-12
There are many categories of copper wires and each one has its own specific and irreplaceable use. Some types of copper wires are stranded wire, PVC wire, armoured cables, tinsel wire, tinned copper wire and copper strips have their own use. They are put to various electric and electronic uses and form their major components. Stranded Wire These are designed for tolerance, i.e. to compensate for expansion, vibration of the electronic equipments. They need to be developed according to the specifications spelled out by the clients according to the standards of the equipments he uses. These wires are made into ropes that are especially designer for additional flexibility and strength with ease of handling. PVC Wire Cables are manufactured by copper manufacturers that are PVC insulated and can tolerate high voltage currents. 1100 volts or more may be required in some electronic equipment and the wires need to be strong for it. The standard for these wires is IS 694 : 1990, BS6500. Copper Strip Copper strips are used for reducing wastage caused in automatic machines due to corrosion. The bare copper strip is raw material for many industries and especially in those areas where soil content is high. The strips need to be customized as per the client's specifications too. The manufacturer should be able to provide the copper strips of the required width first and foremost. Armoured Cables Armoured Cable is a hard to wear power cable which is designed for supplying the mains electricity. It is usually put to use in underground power supply systems, power networks or ducting of cable. Tinsel Wire It is the kind of wire which is needed for maximum mechanical flexibility. It is used in speakers, loudspeakers, tweeter coils and telecom cables. The handset cords of telephone are made from this wire. It is a highly resistant wire because of its enhanced flexibility. Tin Copper Wire Two very elaborate processes go into the manufacturing of this wire. They are called electrolytic process and the hot dip process. This kind of copper wire is manufactured for many types of cables, heaters, industrial machines, high temperature and all sorts of other instruments. Copper wires are demanded for a host of uses which have been mentioned in this article and it is by no means an exhaustive list. The copper wire manufacturers and exporters are the major contributors in the national income of many countries. It is evident from the important uses of stranded wire, tin copper wire, etc. that copper wires are the backbone of industrial revolution.
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