Article Marketing- How to Write High-Quality Compositions

by:APTEK     2020-09-10
Article marketing is one of the most common practices for SEO today, though it has been already exercised even before the birth of the computers and the Internet. In a simple manner, it can be described as the publication and distribution of written piece using the traditional (paper-print) and online media (the Internet) to reach the marketplace. Usually, its content is related to the industry of the author as it aims to boost the company's reputation, and at the same time, advertise and promote one's products and services. Whether you are writing an article for paper-print or for online publishing, make it sure that it is informative and powerful enough to gain good readership and somehow, convert it into sales. However, articles which are meant for online distribution should be also optimized not only for search engines, but also to human readers, which is the most important thing. Identify the topic of your article. Knowing the topic beforehand will give you the direction to where your written piece should be going. Choose a topic that you want and you know you can discuss, but of course it be relevant to your business. Then from that topic, choose a specific subject that you want to talk over. For example, the topic is about 'web design.' It is a broad topic to discuss, but you can avoid writing a vague article by choosing only a particular subject related to 'web design.' But the next question now is how are you going to break a big idea into pieces? The next step will teach you how to do it. Perform Market Research. Usually, the content of article marketing answers the questions of the users. It is important to know what the readers are asking about your industry. It will guide you to effectively write your content. Do an online research to find out which topic is being discussed in your area of interest. From then, you can make a list of the specific subjects you can discuss and chose afterwards. Forums, blogs and social media can help you in your market research. You can attract more readers if your article will answer the questions of your target market. Research Your Keywords. Before you write, you have to study the topic-related keywords used by your readers. By doing so, you can easily include your keywords in your content. Moreover, you will not be accused of keyword-stuffing by inserting unrelated search words in your written piece. Research/ Validate Your Facts. Remember that in online article marketing, you are also building your online reputation. Therefore, your data must be true and correct. For example, if you are writing about 'why companies should have a mobile version of their website,' you must include important facts like the number of mobile users worldwide or how many mobile users are browsing through their cellphones. You cannot guess these data, but you can get them from reliable sources (you may also include these sources for reference).On the other hand, if you're writing a tutorial, let's say it's about 'photo manipulation tutorial,' it would be better if you'll print screen each step and include it in your written tutorial. Images will serve as a visual aid for your readers. Write an Interesting Yet Optimized Title. In online article marketing, the heading of your article is the title tag for the webpage and at the same time, it is also the first thing that is seen by your readers. Therefore, write a title that will spark interest to your readers and will move them to click the link. However, make the title related to what your users are searching. Write a Convincing Introduction. Introduction gives general ideas about the expanded topic. It provides a reason for readers to read the article further. However, make it sure that the introduction is clear and concise as to not bore the readers. Make the Body Concise and Complete. Most of the online readers are not actually reading the whole article. They usually scan it and look for the information they needed. They will leave at once if they find it not useful or if it's too long and boring to read. So make sure that all your details are complete and the paragraphs/sentences are short. Also, avoid using flowery words; be straight to the point, and as much as possible make your points/tips in bullet/number form. Avoid Self-Promotion in the Article Body. As much as possible avoid promoting yourself or your business in article body as it may leave an impression that you are just spamming the website. Some article directories could detect 'spammy' contents, while others have human editors to approve or disapprove nuisance articles. Save all the promotions in the resource box which is really provided to the contributing author. Create a Short Summary. Most of the article directories on the Internet are requiring a summary. The summary box can be found just below the title field of the 'submit article form.' The summary should be a brief description of the article. It is also important as it will appear on the listing across the site where you submitted your piece. Insert Keywords Appropriately. Yes, you are optimizing your article, but it doesn't mean that you have to stuff it with keywords. Proofread the Article. In article marketing, you are trying to create a reputation that you are an expert to your industry. However, being skilled is not enough to gain the trust of your readers. Thus, before you submit your article for online publication, proofread it first. Check your grammar and your spelling. Read it again and again to see all possible errors or you may ask a grammarian or an editor to proofread/edit your written work. Use the 'Resource Box' Wisely. The 'resource box' contains the byline, short information about the author/ company. In the resource box, write compelling information about yourself and your business, products and services. But don't forget to include your contact information and a link to your website in the resource box. Submit your article. Promote your article by submitting it to reliable article directories and blogs. It would be better if you will submit it to online publications that have a high page rank because they could give more exposure your article, plus they have a good reputation when it comes to readership. You can also make a database for article directories and blogs to make online submission easier. Avoid Making Duplicate Content. Wikipedia describes duplicate content as 'a term used in the field of search engine optimization to describe content that appears on more than one web page, within the same web site.' Do not submit your article to more than one online publication directory to avoid duplicate content as you might be penalized once you're caught. However, if your article is still pending for review, wait until it's disapproved by the editors before you re-submit it to another blogs or contact the site administrators to follow-up the status of your work.
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