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by:APTEK     2020-09-09
Articles Article Submission and Publication Article marketing is a form of advertising in which a business or individual may write short articles related to either their particular business or, in the case of an individual, a subject that may be of particular interest to them. In its broadest sense, an article may be defined as a stand-alone part of a larger written work. Such articles are often made available for distribution and publication to the wider audience. There is, in fact, considerable demand for articles that have appeal in terms of content, subject material and style of narrative. Each article contains, at its base, a Resource box, also called a bio box or byline, which includes a short summary describing the author together with references and contact details relating to the author, in the case of an individual, or his business. The bio box is also used to house the business' or individual's website details, including the domain name, which a viewer may wish to pursue in order to gain more insight and detail concerning the subject material in the article. Articles which are well written and rich in content, when distributed for free, are capable of increasing the credibility of the author and his business, as well as the potential for attracting new customers. Much the same can be said in the case of an individual. Rather than writing just one or two articles, greater impact can be achieved with the issue of a steady stream of articles on the chosen subject. In this way, the author may become quite well known which, in itself, could add to the appeal. The basis for success is keyword-rich content on a niche subject. Article marketing has been used by all manner of individuals for centuries. Consequently, the practice is applied so widespread that it has become a well established form of media communication. In a text format, as opposed to an online version, article marketing is commonly used by businesses in order to secure free press space. The activities of a local business provide useful content for a newspaper, and free of charge as well. In return, the newspaper is quite happy to provide the contact details of the business along with the article. Since newspapers, and other traditional media, have limited budgets and are always on the lookout for content rich, free-of-charge copy, such arrangement are the mutual advantage of both parties. A good example of such an arrangement might relate to a firm of accountants who may wish to market the activities of their firm by writing an article with a title such as 'The best ways to avoid being audited', and then offering it to some local newspapers a few weeks before the start of the tax season. Similarly, a roofing company may submit to radio stations an article with a title such as 'How to Avoid Damage to Your Roof by Ice this Winter' just before winter began. Articles - How To Succeed
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