Cabling For Your Computer Network

by:APTEK     2020-06-10
Cables are what make networking in computers possible. They are the reason you can connect to the internet and the reason your computer and printer can communicate so your printed page is as you would except it to be. Your computer network may also include items like scanners and copiers. Depending on the size and demand of your particular network you will need a connector solution to match it. For instance, if you are only looking to connect to the Internet, an ethernet cord is commonly used. Larger systems, usually found in the business environment typically use large networks and thus need a cable capable of handling a larger amount of traffic. The Belden cat6 cable will become the industry standard in this situation. Though the cat 5 is standard at the moment, the world of network wiring is headed in the direction of higher data capability. So the Belden cat6 cable is being recognized as the way of the future. Belden cat6 cable products come in a variety of sizes and colors so you can chose the best option for your project. Smaller cables, for instance are more flexible and can make for easier installation.A� The Belden cat6 cable also comes in bonded and non bonded types. The bonded type is designed for information transferring where the data is critical and in environments where there may be radio frequency interference. If your networking environment is more stable, the non bonded type has been shown to actually exceed the reliability standards of the cat6 cable. In addition there are quite a few makes available. Belden DeltaTwist and 10GX are a few of the makes. Each make also comes in different models. The Belden DeltaTwist comes in a 4800, a 3600, and a 2400. The 4800 ranges up to 860MHX. The 3600 ranges up to 650MHX. And the 2400 ranges up to 550MHX. The 2400 is available only in the non bonded type while the others come in either bonded or non bonded. All three models of this Belden make are comprised of four pairs of insulated copper conductors, 23AWG and contain a round, flexible core.
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