Car Accessory Installations

by:APTEK     2020-09-04
There are several accessories for cars in the market. Customizing cars have become a trend today. For some it is to add a personal touch to their car and for others just a show-off. The installation of these accessories comes out to be quite expensive so here are a few self to do car accessory installations listed below: CAR ALARM INSTALLATION: Opening a car lock or door has become just too easy for anyone. It is possible by just using a normal ruler. This has led to an increase in a lot of car thefts. So it has become important to install alarms in cars for their safety and security. Car alarm installation is a very mazy and complicated process which requires specific knowledge about working with wires. The accessories you require are sirens, LEDs, door opening protection, adjustable shock sensors, and output for parking flash lights, tilt sensors, air horns, door sensors, trunk, hood and door pins, and starter disable relays. For installation: Firstly, choose a suitable place where you can place your alarm, dash light, siren, reset switch. Then collect materials like solder gun, test light, knife, double sided mounting tape and voltmeter. Now read the installation manual carefully which comes with the alarm. The important things to be careful about are LED positioning, placement of the alarm module and the wiring. If these three are done correctly your alarm will function properly. CAR STEREO INSTALLATION: If the car stereo installation professionals charge you a good deal of money then let me tell you that you can do this job all by yourself. It is not as difficult a task as it seems to be. All you need is wire cutters, wire stripper, electrical tape, screw wire set and a new car stereo. Once you have these you are ready to install your stereo. Firstly remove the old stereo and disconnect the ground cable from the battery. Now connect the positive and negative terminal of the battery to the positive and negative terminal of the new stereo respectively. The negative wire should be attached to the metal and should be screwed in the dashboard near the radio. Cabling strap has a connector attached to it and all the wires should be connected to it. Now you can attach the negative cable back to the battery and fix your new stereo. CAR AUDIO INSTALLATION: Car audio is an important accessory in the car and car security system for an enjoyable ride since most of the people are fond of music. Installation of the car speakers is not a tough job; all you need is a little knowledge and common sense. First of all you need to decide as to where the speakers will be placed. The distance of both the speakers should be at an equal distance from the centre for good quality of voice. Choosing a location for woofers and amplifiers is comparatively easy. Wiring is another important part of the installation; you need to buy a correct cable according to the capacity of the amplifier and speakers. A final fine tuning which can be done with the help of the professionals and your installation is done.
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