Cat5e Cable For a Smooth Internet Experience

by:APTEK     2020-09-03
One of the primary disadvantages of wireless internet connection is unwanted disruptions at inopportune moments. Though WiFi technology allows you to access internet anytime anywhere, you can also be faced with connectivity problems from time to time. Of course, when you are on the go, you do not really have any option other than taking the help of wireless network. But while working at your office or home, it is always better to make use of Cat5e cable. When you are talking to an important client through chat, the last thing you would expect is a connectivity issue. Cat5e Ethernet cable can promise you total relief from such unwanted problems and make your internet experience a smooth and non-disruptive one. Features of Cat5e Ethernet Cable A Cat5e cable boasts of snag-free and molded boot that prevents cable snags at the time of installation. They are highly flexible and do not give way easily. Moreover, their twisted form makes it possible for you to use them in any manner you like. You can work on your laptop while being in bed with a Cat5e Ethernet cable connecting you to the world. The only thing you need is a wall plate consisting of a jack in order to connect your computer or laptop to the network. A Cat5e cable is designed for a number of applications including network adapters, routers, switches, hubs, patch panels, DSL and cable modems and so on. It conforms to all TIA and EIA standards thereby making it a high-quality cable. The connector is gold plated while the conductor is made of stranded copper. The Advantages of Cat5e Ethernet Cable With a Cat5e Ethernet cable, you can enjoy fast Ethernet speeds. How many times have you felt like breaking the computer screen when a page simply refuses to open? It can be very irritating to deal with slow connection especially on emergency situations when you might need to open your mail or browse through the net for some important information. And about the videos that continue to buffer and never play smoothly? With a Cat5e cable, you can get rid of all these hazards since they are capable of handling more than 350 Mhz bandwidth intensive applications. These cables come in a wide range of colors. There are quite a few interesting color options like blue and yellow. You can easily opt for them in order to coordinate it with your computer or laptop. Now-a-days, laptops too are available in varied colors and you can go for a cable that complements the color of your laptop perfectly. Cat5e cable is widely used in offices and large organizations. Along with being affordable and cost-effective, it ensures superior internet connectivity without disruptions and interruptions.
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