Ceiling Fans- Can I Do-It-Myself?

by:APTEK     2020-09-03
There has been a major change in Atlanta's environment due to rapid urbanization and growth of the city. Urban regions of the city produce as well as capture more heat, resulting in formation of a heat bubble around the city. All these changes have increased temperature of Atlanta by 5 to 8 degree in comparison to its surrounding regions. This excess heat has also increased the frequency of thunderstorms and rainfall in this region. With increased heat and rain, you need a solution that helps you stay cool during the hot and sultry summer as well as rainy days. Opting for air conditioning can be quite an expense that not everybody can afford. In this scenario, ceiling fans can provide you with a welcome relief. They can help you save on electricity bills as well as on installation and operational costs. Once installed, these fans make a vast difference in the temperature of a room. Not only this, a beautiful fan on the ceiling also adds to the aesthetics of your home by dressing up your otherwise drab ceiling. You can install fans on ceilings yourself, but you need to have prior knowledge about electrical appliances and their installation. You should keep following things in mind before you begin with the installation: Mounting of the fan Begin the installation by first deciding on the place where the fan will be installed. The best location to place the fan is in the center of the room so that there is even flow of air. Before you start installation, you should check whether the electrical circuit can handle the extra load or if you need to create a new circuit from a new breaker. If there is no existing fixture for hanging the ceiling fan, you will need to create a new outlet. When you start with the actual installation work, you need to turn off the main power switch. You have to then place the fan's junction box which should be well supported by the ceiling trusses. The fan box can be metal or plastic as long as the box is rated for a ceiling fan. Assembling the fan This would differ from one brand to another. Follow the instruction manual and ensure that the fan blades are at a minimum distance of screw level from the roof. Check Floor to Ceiling height Depending on the height of the ground and the roof, you may have to opt for low ceiling mount fan with smaller blades. Most manufacturers recommend seven feet from the floor to the ceiling blades. Finally, you mount the fan box and check for electrical safety before you start using it. Ceiling fans weigh more than other electrical fixtures and their installation instructions can run into pages, which could prove to be extremely complicated. If you have opted for a fan with a light kit, then things can surely be more complex. Therefore, it is usually advised that you seek the help of an electrician, Atlanta has many. As ceiling fans can draw an equal amount of power as other ceiling fixtures, an electrician will ensure that the electrical circuit is not overloaded. A quick sneak peak in the yellow pages or a simple search online will help you find the phone number of a good Atlanta electrician who can provide you with prompt and professional service. Installing fan on the ceiling is not an easy task and requires a good understanding about electrical circuits. This is why, it is usually best to opt for professional help to ensure proper installation.
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