Certified Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturers in India

by:APTEK     2020-09-03
With a strong, ever-growing consumer base in India, there is exponentially growing demand for electronic goods, for both household and industrial consumption. This correlates directly to the swiftly growing demand for Electric Wires and Cables that conform to national and international quality and safety standards, for production of these electronic and electric goods. Rolliflex Industries, a trusted name among Wire and Cable Manufacturers in India since 1979, understands this need and takes quality very seriously. Rolliflex electric cables and wires conform to manufacturing standards set in India as well as USA, Canada and many other European countries. Besides being an ISO: 9001 certified company Rolliflex products have achieved UL/CE/ISI quality marks as well. Being among the leading wire manufacturers in India, all Rolliflex products are quality tested in their state-of-the-art facility in Daman. This modern and technologically advanced Daman facility manufactures some of the best Heat Proof, Flame Proof and Rodent Proof Wires for all types of electronic applications. With no dealers, Rolliflex partners directly with all OEMs and providing Just In-Time delivery and good quality products. They specialize in Multi-core wire, High-end Instrumentation and other tailor-made/ custom-made cables. Rigorously researched and formulated PVC compounds give these Cables and Wires the strength and quality they are known for. There has been a high demand for electric products in the Indian market due increasing buyers. This also increases the demand for Quality Electric Cables and Wires. Rolliflex is among the top known suppliers for certified cables in India. All their products are quality tested in their Daman facility. Their products include Heat Proof, Flame Proof and Rodent proof Wires and Cables which are manufactured post intense research. Their sales happen directly to OEMs through Just in Time delivery. Rolliflex specializes in Multi-core, High-end Instrumentation cables and other tailor-made / custom-made cables. The author is one of the Directors of Rolliflex Industries and is vastly experienced in field of Wires and Cables Manufacturing. Young and dynamic, he belongs to the family which owns Rolliflex Industries, and heads the Sales Team. While he plays a major role in the day to day functioning of Roly-Tray and Rolyset Industries, Corporate Communication and Branding also fall under his purview.
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