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by:APTEK     2020-09-02
I recently paid great effort in the study of auto diagnostic products. When scanning the specifications, the frequently appeared word VAG-COM confused me a lot. I found on the Internet that VAG-COM is a test line and software that can work with almost all car models from VW, Audi, Skoda, Golf, etc. , which can be used for auto diagnosis, condition sinspection,comfortable system settings, throttle cleaning and key matching. In a word, it helps get rid of dependence on the 4S if properly used. In this case, an excellent VAG PROG will be a great help. The programmer should integrate with OBD2 connector and indicate LED's for K-Lines. What's more, it must be able to work as an interface with third-party software KLL, too.Someone recommended me VAG PROG CZ Version. At first, I doubt about it because it is a new product, but now I recognize it's really worth buying. In addition to programming and reprogramming functions, VAG PROG CZ Version can diagnose airbag correct or adjust features and dashboard. Its outstanding feature is that it is able to work with almost all VW models. Another I'd like to recommend is magical VAG PROG CZ Version, also known as VAG IMMO3. With it, you can read the identification code protection for VAG cars. If you want to read IMMO Login code from supported VAG cars and make key learning and adapting, it is necessary to have a diagnostic connector as well. VAG IMMO 3 does these through a diagnostic connector. Make sure that everything is based on K-Line Diagnostic VAG car, as it does not work on Can Bus Diagnostic VAG. VAG IMMO 3 has most function of VAG PROG CZ Version, but it's price is lower. You can choose one according to your budget.The price is competitive on If you want one, go check it out. More detailed information on these products are offered there.
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