Choosing The Right Cable Assembly

by:APTEK     2020-09-02
Cable assemblies save manufacturers money and help improve the functionality of a variety of machines, vehicles and electronic devices. Choosing the right cable assembly for the task at hand will help manufacturers improve the design of their product and ensure they get the best value and performance from the assembly they choose. Cable assemblies are basically harnesses of wires and connectors bundled together for convenience, safety and performance. With a cable assembly, wires and cables take up less space within a product, allowing for design efficiency. Bundling cables together also makes insulation more efficient, an added benefit. When choosing a cable assembly, manufacturers can pick standard cable assemblies, which are pre-made assemblies appropriate for many tasks within a product field, or they may choose custom assemblies, which are designed for a specific task. Even with custom assemblies, there are a few basic templates that designers may follow. Here are a few basic types of cable assemblies and connections: Circular - Circular cable assemblies are often used in aerospace, defense and industrial products. These assemblies have circular-shaped connectors that have outer shells made of metal, plastic or other materials. These connectors also often have a device that will secure connectors, such as a catch or clip. Crimp and Poke - Crimp and poke assemblies are assemblies of wires where the ends are inserted into the end of a clip, with the remainder of the exposed wire thrusting through the end of the connector. Individual wires may be removed from the clip with a specialized tool. DIN connectors - These cable connectors are typically used for audio electronics. D-Sub - These cable assembly products consist of connectors and pins surrounded by a metal d-shaped shield that facilitates smooth connection and protects against electromagnetic interference. They are often used in computers and other electronic devices. Ribbon Cable - These cable assemblies consist of wires running parallel to one another on a flat plane. They are commonly used as internal connectors within computers and other electronic devices. MTA - Commonly used in home electronic products. They can connect to wires or circuit boards. These are a few basic types of assembly and connections that an electronic contract manufacturing company can help customers find. When working with a cable assembly manufacturer, describe the needs of your product thoroughly to enable the company to find the best solution for your needs. With thorough collaboration, you and your contractor will likely be able to design a custom solution that will meet the specs for your product.
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