Circular Connector


Professional industrial connector manufacturer, we has wide range of metric circular connectors and cable assembly that fit almost any standard sensor or actuator application and includes features such as accurate IP ratings. The connector of 5mm metric size with thread locking mechanism, is one of the smallest connectors in factory automation industry. It is mainly designed for the application of signal transmission of the industrial measurement camera and electric bicycles. The series of M8 circular connector provides a wide range of metric M8 connectors for small sensors and actuators. Ideally suited for industrial control networks where small sendos are required. M12 sensor/actuator connectors with M12 locking thread for industrial automation, process control and commercial electronics, it is the most commonly used connector in the factory automation. 

M5 Female Panel Mount Connector  

With Solder Contacts

M8 Female Panel Mount Connector 

With Solder Contacts

M12 Male Panel Mount Connector

With PCB Contacts

Custom Production


Founded in 2009, APTEK focuses on development and manufacturing in industrial cable connectors. We have high efficient production line for cable cutting, soldering, crimping, plastic injection molding, testing and manual assembly allow products to be manufactured in both large volume and small customized lots while maintaining a favorable cost and quality.We will work out the cost optimization with details for options which would be easlier for our clients to consider about the cost level.Provide the technical drawings for our clients' approval and allow multiple changes until finally agreed by the clients.


1. Requirement from Customers→Technical feasibility analysis→Details discussion
2. Product design→Prototype manufacturing→Sample on proecess 
3. Mass production→Quality Control→Product delivery→After Sales

Certificate Guarantee

We have been following the stringent QC system to prevent the defects from every process and also 100% testing on the finish products before packing. We have obtain Rohs Certificate for the plastic material used on the connector overmold, Rohs Certificate for the heat shrinkable tubing, UL cerficate of the cables. 

Scientific Quality Management & Accurate Cost Control& Free Samples 

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