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by:APTEK     2020-08-31
If you're taking your trade show stands to an event for the first time, you might be overwhelmed by all the different terms thrown at you. If you don't know what I&D stands for, what an exclusive contractor is, or what the event coordinator is talking about when they mention accessible storage, here's a guide. Exclusive Contractor If you're an exclusive contractor at an event, you're in luck. This means that your company is the only one providing your products. Exclusivity often comes with a price, so don't be surprised to pay more to be the exclusive contractor. I&D I&D stands for 'installation and dismantle' and refers to the assembly and teardown of trade show stands. I&D is usually done by event workers who are supervised by the 'installation contractor.' Other terms you may likely hear are labor desk (a place you can go to request an I&D employee who can set up or take down your trade show stands) and set-up drawing (instructions on how to set up trade show stands that can include drawings and photos to help employees know which graphics go where). End Cap Or Peninsula Booth An end cap booth is exactly what it seems. Like in a retail setting, an end cap booth is a display with an aisle on three out of four sides. A peninsula booth is one that is open on three sides, but is next to another exhibitor on the fourth side. This space can be some of the most sought after display space at an event because of the sheer volume of traffic that walks by. However, if you haven't been selected for one of these premium spaces, don't panic. Some recent research indicates that many attendees actually seek out the trade show stands of the companies they want to visit, making pre-event marketing even more important. Floor Port A floor port is another important part of an exhibition. If you have a space by a floor port, you'll be able to access electricity, telephone and even plumbing connections. If your trade show stands require anything specific, it's a good idea to request space near a floor port. If you only need electricity, you can request to be near a junction box. A junction box is a distribution point for electricity. Target Date If you're shipping your materials directly to the venue, you'll be notified of the target date. This is a specific time frame where your materials should arrive. If you miss your target date, or your items arrive too early, you may be assigned a penalty charge. Accessible Storage Accessible storage is exactly what you'd expect. It's a place where you can store materials that can be accessed during the event. This is different than where the employees take your storage crates and is ideal for extra promotional materials like brochures, business cards or giveaways. Trade shows come with an entirely new set of vocabulary. This is only a small list of terms. If you're attending your first event, it's a good idea to brush up on the vocabulary. If you happen to run across a term you're not familiar with, ask! Everyone attending an exhibition was new once and they'll be happy to help.
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