Communications Supply - Category 6 Cable

by:APTEK     2020-08-31
Category 6 cables or often referred to as Cat 6 was first released in the first trimester of 2008 and has changed the standards of industry since then. It is mainly used for internet connection and other networking platforms that offer better performance, better crosstalk capabilities meaning it produces less undesired effect on other mediums and greater wave lengths compared to its predecessor the cat 5. Generally Category 6 cables appear like ordinary wires but it is designed to be more stringent and better wave lengths reaching p to 500 MHz compared to the 250 of a cat 5. Like any other product in its class in have four pairs of twister wires which have significantly lower diameter connectors of 22 AGW compared to the 24 AWG of earlier connectors that results to better and more efficient transmission ideal for today's high speed transmission of data and voice. The ideal maximum length for optimum performance should only be 100 meters or 328 feet but when used with a 10GBASE-T the length should only be up to 55 meters or 180 feet, however since external factors may affect the overall data transmission and as of today there is no guaranteed way of testing its effects it best that you undergo it through a series of electrical testing to determine the pros and cons of your installation. Category 6 cables can be purchased in almost any communication supply shops either over the internet or locally in your area. Be sure to read the specifications first and talk to your network engineers about the compatibility and other concerns before using it. You can also check online about professional recommendations and feedbacks from real users so you'll get firsthand reviews. As for the installation, be sure that wires should be grounded properly and secured properly for safety purposes you can use ducts and fasteners to join it together and cable shields to avoid direct contact with skin and factors that can cause damage. It should be kinked of folded as well the maximum bend radius should only be four times the outer diameter of the cable to prevent packet loss during data transmission and ensure the stability of performance. If you have managed to address all the special considerations then you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of product for many years to come and you can tell the significant difference from its predecessors.
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