Connect Up Your Kit With A Custom Cable Assembly

by:APTEK     2020-08-31
When most people are looking to install electrical hardware or wire a building, they grab a cable off the shelf or have a look online. But what if the right one isn't available? Sometimes, everything is too short, too long or retailers don't have the connections you need. In these cases, a custom cable assembly is the best solution. A cable assembly is a group of wires and connectors bound together with a sleeve or tape. The grouping of the wires helps save space and protects them from damage, and the assembly can be made any length, with any combination of plugs and sockets. A bespoke cable can be used for virtually any application imaginable. Cable assemblies are commonly used in vehicles and computers, and are also known as wiring looms and cable harnesses. A huge range of connectors can be used, including Molex, D-subminiature, SDL, USB and JST. The technology is useful both for businesses working in technical industries and private individuals. IT professionals and engineers may have particular applications in mind, but the technology is useful in the home, as well. Want a cable with HDMI at one end and an SVGA connection at the other? No problem. Ribbon cables can also be customised. These wide, flat cables are often used in situations where space is at a premium and can be found inside computers and other electrical devices. They are the standard cable used for connecting hard drives and CD drives. The cables can be made in various pitches (i.e. different spacings between the wires) and with connections such as SCSI and IDE. It is not just cables that can be customised, either. For a clean, modern look in your home or office, wall plates can be created so most of the cables are hidden in the walls. Electrical devices simply plug into the wall mounted plates. With complex designs, bespoke cable assemblies may be needed behind the plate, although standard cables can often be used. Wall plates have significant advantages, not only in creating a cleaner look, but in protecting long cables, removing trip hazards and stopping the cables collecting dust. As cable assemblies of all kinds are made by hand, it is important to choose a professional, reliable company. A good company will talk you through every step of the process, from design to delivery, and work from the brief you provide. Timescales and costs will vary according to the scale of the project, but it is important to know what these are up front. Some companies have minimum order quantities for custom items, so this is worth checking, as well. If you make sure your cable has been thoroughly tested before it leaves the shop, you can be sure it will do exactly what you want it to.
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