Connector waterproof level is introduced

by:APTEK     2020-03-17
< p > in the humid environment or in a liquid, liquid drip into the circular connectors are often, injection or intrusion, thus introduce the waterproof level can effectively avoid the above problems. Generally speaking, we can use the IP code to represent a round connector waterproof level, namely the IPx ( X is 0 to 8 Numbers, said the greater the degree of protection is higher) , specific as follows. < / p > < p > when x = 0 The water without any protection. < / p > < p > when x = 1 To prevent water entering. < / p > < p > when x = 2 - When the circular connector shell inclined to 15 degrees, the water drops into the shell are not affected. < / p > < p > when x = 3 - Rain on the shell from the corner of the 60 degrees or water injection, the connector is not affected. < / p > < p > when x = 4 Liquid spilled by any Angle in any direction on the connector shell had no effect. < / p > < p > when x = 5 - Rinse with water without any damage. < / p > < p > when x = 6 - Can prevent a strong jet of water ( Such as water) To enter, can be used inside the cabin environment. < / p > < p > when x = 7 Can be used to prevent the water in the process of short-term immersion into the. < / p > < p > when x = 8 Under certain pressure continuous flooding, can prevent completely, the water in the continuous process of submerged into the connector. < / p >
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