Copper Wire Products and Their Use

by:APTEK     2020-08-29
Some copper wire products are enamelled copper wire, stranded copper wire, armoured cables, silver copper wire and glass wire. All these are put to some very important use and upon their correct functioning depend all the working of the present day technological world. The uses of some of these wires are discussed in detail below:- Stranded Copper Wire These wires are developed for high tolerance for vibration and expansion. They are used as connectors in different electrical appliances because they are flexible and allow for expansion. Similarly they have much better ability to sustain jolts of vibration. Each client can have his own set of specifications based on the use he will put the wires to and the manufacturer usually conforms to these. Armoured Cables These cables are one of the products of PVC insulated cables. It is used for supply of power and also for the purposes of earthing. It is found in underground transmission systems, cable ducting and power networks. It has flexible steel covering which helps in making it tough and elastic. This is exactly what is needed for some functions of power supply. Silver Copper Wire or Silver Enamelled Copper Wire Such wires are used for replacing sterling silver as jewelry. These wires can be easily used and they are resistant to tarnishing. Glass Wire To make glass wire, stranded copper wire is used. It is made of bare copper or tin copper. There are two processes which are called glass tape lapping followed by fiber glass thread braiding. The last procedure is the plating of varnish. Glass wire becomes highly resistant to temperature due to these processes. It is put to uses like alignment heater, electric motor, submersible motor and other electrical instruments which require resistance to high temperature. Taking a look at the uses of the variations of the copper wire, one can come to the conclusion that it is a very important metal which escapes our attention. We often consider it as a puny little dark metal but how pivotal a role becomes evident if only one starts taking a look at the uses it is put to. Another thing of note is that enamelled copper wire is also used as jewelry. This shows that the use of this metal is not confined to electronic or electrical appliances too. Obviously the latter two are more important but one can only wonder at how myriad the uses of this great metal are.
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