CTP, CTcP?? To the left or right to go away? -CTP

by:APTEK     2020-09-05
Computer will gradually replace the film plate, is an indisputable fact, but which technology is more suitable for China's commercial printing enterprise? Technology to do the following from a simple current market computer to plate technology in accordance with the use of plates or imaging technology, it can probably be divided into the traditional version of the PS exposure CTcP technology, thermal exposure on the thermal plate technology and photosensitive plate in silver or violet laser technology on the exposure. CTcP PS version of the traditional core imaging technology CTcP and DSI in the DMD chip technology from Texas Instruments DMD Digital Micromirror production group, is less than 2.5 square centimeters in area, on more than 130 million by the extremely small lenses, each lens of the side of small square less than 17 microns. The lens is the exposure of these small units, or 'pixels.' DSI technology basysPrint company's patented technology, this technology will light exposure through the DMD mirror group on the PS version. We know, CTcP equipment, high energy light source is a mercury lamp, through the optical reflection and focus will be gathered in this issue of the UV light less than 2.5 square centimeters on the small box. Each digital micromirror can change the perspective of a very high speed, through different angles, will go light or refraction, or refractive lens to focus group and then to the plate, which reached a very sophisticated light of the 0 / 1 digital conversion. Drive the core from the German Siemens company's magnetic power system. Magnetic levitation linear motors, mechanical friction and vibration to avoid the impact of equipment to ensure the smooth and smooth the exposure head movement, and to ensure its accuracy. The accuracy of third-generation equipment has reached the + / -2 micron precision of the fourth generation of equipment is increased to + / -0.3 microns to ensure the plate in the press on the precise registration. This technology brings the benefits of the largest printing enterprise is that it is in the traditional version of the PS exposure. In image quality, the square produces a square mirror network exposure, dot the edge of sharp, image rich layers, while greatly reducing dot gain. And because people use the familiar print the PS version, the version of the familiar material, so the operator can easily complete quality control. The efficiency of the plate, the double-headed off the equipment has reached the publication rate of 20 per hour. The first of four single-open device can easily be 16 per hour. CTP CTP mainstream technology is thermal CTP, violet laser CTP two technologies, they have in common is, in particular CTP plate on the exposure. Thermal technology by infrared laser transmitter to generate the infrared wavelength around 805 nm laser beam, the beam stays in thermal CTP edition some time out of their surface coating ablation, resulting in the images and blank. Advantage of this technology is its relatively sophisticated network, with a good plate CTP plate, and good control, can produce relatively high quality plate, but the speed is relatively slow violet laser. Violet laser technology used by the special plate is a photosensitive CTP version, this plate of sensitivity is very high, does not require high energy would result in a coating chemical reaction. UV laser emission frequency laser beam emitted by a similar thermal technique, in order to complete the plate surface, scan the image exposure. Violet CTP technology has the advantage of speed. However, very demanding on the environment, need to clean the air chamber and processing. In addition, since laser energy is the Gaussian curve type, there is from the optical center to the edge of the decrease, so that network rough. Because the plate of the high sensitivity, so that the control networks more difficult. Two techniques is different, but both the photosensitive thermal technology or technology, because of the need to use special CTP plate, the plate is and the equipment, and the two tied together, the main plate production technology control in foreign hands several equipment manufacturers, leading to long-term high plate price is nearly double the traditional PS version or higher, so that the already small profit margins or marginal profit is intolerable printing industry, the domestic printing were hard earned a large portion of the profits flow to the plate is also equipment supplier's pocket. I am an expert from fiberopticsconnector.com , while we provides the quality product, such as st fiber connector , lc fiber optic connectors, mtrj fiber optic connector,and more.
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