Custom Cable Manufacturing 101

by:APTEK     2020-08-28
Although a person is technically oriented, it doesn't mean he can't make environmentally -sound choices. One way to go green is to use green cable in one's home theater, gaming devices and PCs. Green cables aren't made of nasty, harmful toxins. Instead, they will keep hazardous substances out of one's home, and once disposed off, will not seep these hazardous materials into landfills. When the functionality of these green cables is over, there will not be any necessity to re-cycle them or dispose them off for other articles. And better yet, finding green cabling that is environment friendly doesn't mean having to sacrifice on quality and performance. Green cables are manufactured without the use of harmful materials such as PVC, Phthalates, lead or halogen. There are a whole lot of consumer electronics companies that manufacture their products from toxic-free substances. Green cables are available today so there is no reason not to make the right choice! Custom cables are required for applications with demanding requirements such as ultra-flexibility and high voltage and high temperature tolerance. By using custom cables a much higher product quality is achieved. Anything that can't be bought readily off the shelf, the custom cable manufacturers can deliver. Flexible cable serves a large variety of purposes. Flexible electrical wire is often a vital component of electrical and electronic equipment. It has uses in military and industrial settings. Flexible wiring is not only a component of medical equipment, but doctors also use it to perform medical procedures. Various companies design and manufacture customized flexible cables. Military grade flexible wire must be ISO certified. Flexible wire used in aerospace industries is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures while still retaining its flexibility. Military wire and cable are suitable for demanding military electronic applications. Military wire may be used in high frequency electronic applications where high temperatures will probably be encountered. Military wire is specially designed for the harshest of environments and has to meet the military specifications. Because it is designed for extreme conditions, military wire can be used for an array of purposes. Some applications include shielding and protective covering, airframe wire, point to point wiring, antennas, bus-bar, ground wire and for bonding moving parts. Military wire is available in numerous styles, sizes and conductors to meet the requirements intended by the consumers. For additional information, visit to learn more.
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