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by:APTEK     2020-08-25
Electric heating cables in London is increasingly used in daily life. It is indispensable as building a house, and in many industrial processes (see heating in the industry). The modern electronics industry has been producing heating cables for various applications. In each case, depending on external conditions, apply one or another type of cable. In the beginning, it is necessary to determine the problem. Our company specializes in the development and installation of any electrical cable systems. Our experts have years of experience. We use heating cables of different design features of the leading European manufacturers. We have no limitations in solving problems of heat - from the simple to the elite of any complexity. The heating cable is chosen, taking into account the individual characteristics of the object. Experienced specialists will always help to choose the optimal variant of the heating system, calculate required for your particular case the cable has the best value for money. Our expertise and professional services work best to perform work in areas such as heating in industrial production, domestic heating, heating pads and sidewalks, roof heating, and much more. Electric heating cable is the most important element of any heating system. The principle of its operation is to convert electrical energy in the flow of electric current through a cable, in the heat. The main parameter that characterizes it - is the specific heat that is dissipated power per unit length. The unit of measurement of specific heat - W / m The cable has an inner conductor structurally made of special alloy with high electrical resistance. From the outside, this lead is being protected reliable polymeric insulating material, with a screening grid of copper wire. All this is put in a solid and extremely reliable polyvinylchloride membrane that protects the cable from abrasion. Thus made the cable, in addition to protecting the inner core of the physical destruction, and has a sufficiently high corrosion resistance. Choosing one or the other cable advisable to seek the assistance of our experts. Structurally, it can be executed as a single core heating cable and the two cores. We used the cable, depending on the technology and the scope of the following types: resistive and self-regulating. Resistive heating cable This cable has a constant resistance and essentially is a metal wire, covered with a layer of insulating material. This live set has a high resistance and therefore heat equally throughout its length. Thus, a very alert to the temperature regime in which it operates. The resistance of the cable and the power output is almost unchanged for any changes in ambient temperature. You should know that the resistive heating element is the lowest price, but it may fail in the case of burnout due to overheating. This happens in cases of deterioration or breach in any part of the heat transfer cable. The most effective protection against overheating is to connect the power cable through the resistive temperature controller. In addition, for the normal operation of heating cable with the need to install temperature sensors. It can not be cut during installation, he sold some pieces of fixed length. Raychem self-regulating heating cable In contrast to the resistive cable, self regulating endowed the unique ability to regulate power allocated at the site of any length. This is because the self-regulating heating cable, Raychem uses modern technology in a unique produce. For efficient heating, a special polymer matrix consisting of a special conductive carbon material, placed between two electrical wires. Upon reaching a critical low temperature around any section of the cable, there is a specific proportional compressive heating element on this site and as a result, the proportional decrease of resistance. With the increasing impact of the current on the cable matrix identifies the appropriate thermal energy. And in the opposite case, where the ambient temperature increases, and increases the electrical resistance of the matrix, which results in a proportional decrease in heat capacity. The temperature at the surface of the cable is maintained constant and does not depend on the parameters of heat transfer. In view of these remarkable features of self-regulating heating cables are not subject to any serious overheating that can not use a thermostat, thus saving on its procurement and installation. Completely eliminated due to overheating of the sediment of last year's leaves and other debris on the roof and gutter system. Allowed to cross the wires during installation. This is the most promising, safe and effective option of all the available heating cable. Another very important advantage over the resistive is to buy Raychem heating cable can be of any length not less than 20 cm it is very convenient feature during installation, when the on-site during the work can be cut into pieces of desired length. Thus the rate of installation is greatly simplified in the process of work and an opportunity to more efficiently use it. roof gutter heaters Heated roof heating cables In order for the roof had not formed icicles to make a correct calculation of the de-icing system. The calculation takes all: the form of the roof, the quality of roofing material, the presence of a warming house and roof elements, and more. After the calculations have to be self-regulating heating cable is laid in certain critical locations on the surface of the roof, gutters throughout the system, including gutters, hoppers and downspouts. In this case, the roof will always be protected and free from icicles, even in conditions of frequent changes in temperature of air that are inherent in Moscow and Moscow region. This is achieved by maintaining a constant temperature on the surface of the roof. Heating of gutters required for the timely and proper drainage of water from the roof surface during periods of thaw. To prevent ice jams, we recommend laying twin conductor heating cable for gutters around the perimeter drainage system. In this case, guaranteed timely melting of snow and ice, turning them into the melted water and the subsequent withdrawal of its unhindered in specially designated areas located away from the house. This professionally made Deicing System on the roof heating significantly prolongs the time of trouble-free operation of the entire roof, due to lack of moisture throughout the roof space a country house. Protect pipes from freezing - heating cables for pipes Quite often require effective protection of various pipes from freezing. Typically, this uses traditional methods of insulation, for example, drop below freezing point. But in this case are still some sections of the pipeline, are particularly susceptible to freezing. Here comes to help a self-regulating heating cable to pipe. Its styling is carried out in different ways depending on the diameter of the pipe. With a small diameter - it extends to the inside of the pipe, and with significant amounts of outside-wrap heating cable with a certain step, and the step size will depend not only on the diameter, but also on the conditions under which the pipeline will be located. In addition, the heating cable is used for water supply should take account of the requirements necessary for heating and maintaining the water temperature at the outlet water within specified limits. All heating cables are used by our company are fully adapted for reliable long life in our extremely harsh climatic conditions, moisture, resistant to sudden temperature changes and the effects of solar ultraviolet radiation. We use are certified and fireproof. Sale of heating cable Company 'MKS - Electro' sells heating cable and provides a full range of services from design to commissioning 'turnkey'. In all the parts and materials to carry out the work we give a guarantee. Our experts will carry out annual control over the operation of your de-icing system. With this service the battery life will be at least 40 years of age. If you decide to install a system yourself, before you buy, you need to make an accurate calculation of the heating cable. Must take into account the average climate temperature in the place where it will be applied. Depending on the design features of your home should pick up some power cables, so that they released enough heat energy to perform its tasks. Depending on that will change the value of the heating cables. We believe it useful to emphasize that the cost of professionally performed by heating the roof in any case be much less than those costs that can result in destructive actions of the masses of snow and ice. Repair of the roof, facade and gutter was always very expensive. By installing de-icing system, you save your home safe and sound, providing long warmth, comfort and safety. For a more detailed assessment of the value you can call our experts, should be carefully considered prior to the price heating cables.
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