Electronic connector to the requirement of application environments

by:APTEK     2020-03-30
< p > electronic connector common environmental performance including heat resistance, moisture resistance, salt fog resistance, resistance to vibration and impact resistance, etc. < / p > < p > (1) heat resistance < / p > < p > the current electronic connector in the highest working temperature is 200 DHS C - is the minimum temperature 65ºC。 Because the connector is working, current at the contact point to generate heat, cause the temperature rise, therefore generally think working temperature should be equal to the environment temperature and the sum of junction temperature. Connectors in some specification, specified in the rated power flow allows for the highest temperature rise. < / p > < p > 2. Resistance to wet < / p > < p > moisture intrusion affects the electronic connector insulation performance, and the corrosion of metal parts. Constant humid heat test conditions for relative humidity was 90% ~ 95% ( According to the product specification, up to 98%) , temperature is 20 DHS + 40 + C, test time as stipulated in the product for at least 96 h. Alternating hot and humid test is more stringent. < / p > < p > (3) resistance to salt fog < / p > < p > electronic connector in containing moisture and salt environment work, its processing layer on the surface of the metal structure, contact is likely to produce electrochemical corrosion, affect the physical and electrical properties of the connector. In order to evaluate the electric connector tolerance ability of this kind of environment, the salt spray test. It is hung connector in steel temperature controlled trials, the provisions of concentration of sodium chloride solution using compressed air, salt fog atmosphere, the exposure time prescribed by the product specification, at least for 48 h. < / p > < p > (4) vibration and impact resistant < / p > < p > resistance to vibration and impact is an important performance of electric connector, in special application environment, such as aviation and aerospace, railway and highway transportation is particularly important, it is the robustness for testing electric connector mechanical structure and electric contact reliability of important indicators. In the relevant test method has clear rules. Impact test shall be stipulated in the peak acceleration, duration and impact pulse waveform and electrical continuity interrupt time. < / p > < p > (5) other environmental performance < / p > < p > according to the demands of other environmental performance of the electric connector and sealing ( Air leak, liquid pressure) , liquid impregnation ( Resistance of certain liquid vices ability) And depression, etc. < / p >
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