Ethernet Over Fiber Service Providers And The

by:APTEK     2020-08-22
This article should help show us the role of Ethernet fiber's contribution to today's Telecom Revolution. The contributions have been various and many. There is no doubt that the Telecom industry will never be the same or bother to look back. The Telecom Revolution There was a day in time where we actually used pen and paper to keep track of everything going on in the world all of our data, research, etc you name it. We wrote it down on paper. Those days are long, long gone. In the 1980's we started using personal computers. They were slow, but it was a major advance in technology. Soon the internet was born, globally connecting more information than we really knew what to do with. And now we are right in the middle of a Telecom Revolution. What is a Telecom Revolution? In the simplest terms, it is a massive change in the amount of information available to individuals and businesses. Some people were stubborn, and unwilling to move forward with the revolution at first, but soon it became obvious that change was inevitable for all of us. One thing that the Telecom Revolution has done is that is has organized the huge amounts of information available to us in a way that is easily, and globally accessible. Another thing is that has created a paradigm shift in the distribution, and the creation, of information. People world-wide can create and contribute to material in an instant. Ethernet So, how are we continuing with this revolution? We keep making access to the mind-boggling amounts of information available to us faster, and faster. There are many ways to go about this, but we are going to focus on Ethernet over fiber. What is Ethernet Over Fiber? Since its development in the 1970's, Ethernet has improved and evolved to meet current market and bandwidth requirements. Now, it is not only used for computers, it also connects personal devices and appliances. Because of its industrial applications, it is quickly replacing old data transmission systems all over the world. For a computer network using Ethernet cable, the Ethernet has a physical layer. Three different technology standards are used. Coaxial cable, twisted pair cable, or optical fiber. There are benefits and negatives of using each different form. We are going to focus on optical fiber, Ethernet over fiber, or, Ethernet fiber. Benefits of Using Ethernet Fiber Ethernet fiber technology is hitting the internet and telecommunication industry and at lightning speed revolutionizing everything. The technology has been proven over a period of time beginning with extensive research and development to end testing and evaluation. Ethernet over fiber allows speeds of up to 1000X faster than the current capabilities of broadband. With this increased speed, bandwidth is also increased. As a result of these major improvements, this technology will be able to provide innovative services for decades to come. Ethernet fiber also has a working distance of 40-70km, with the capability of being increased - yes, INCREASED! One last advantage of Ethernet fiber that we'll talk about is that its life span is a huge 25-40 years! Such life spans were unheard of until these major breakthroughs in technology.
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