Gou Day Two Visit Suning Reached Intention of Cooperation

by:APTEK     2020-08-15
Recently, chairman of Hon Hai Group Chairman Terry Gou of the Foxconn Technology Group, one day two visits to Suning, the Hon Hai Group Vice President and Chief Financial length of Huang Qiulian, Jane Yi Bin, vice president, and related business group of 16 high-level accompanying visiting. Reported that the high specification of Gou and his entourage visited the headquarters Suning, Suning Zhang Jindong, chairman and senior team conducted in-depth meeting in the smart cloud terminal development, logistics co-operation, the supply chain and consumer research has reached a The intentionality cooperation. It is understood that the Hon Hai Group is a global 3C (computers, communications, consumer electronics) Foundry field scale, the largest and fastest-growing, highest rated International Group, which has become a professional R & D and production of precision electrical connectors, computer cases and quasi- One of the system components, communications, consumer electronics, LCD equipment and other products and groups with high-tech enterprise, is also Apple's biggest foundries. Suning, China's sales of the largest stores the largest number of 3C channel provider, with over 1500 stores, chain network covering over 300 cities in mainland China and Hong Kong and Japan, Suning in information technology and logistics, construction, services and personnel training are the leading position in China. The Gou with the senior management team of the Hon Hai Group to a line 16 people participated by the machine of the second session of the two sides entrepreneurs Purple Mountain summit, visit the Suning Appliance Headquarters, carefully visited Suning corporate showroom, concept store, and and Suning senior carried the depth of communication. It is reported that Terry Gou and his party focused visited the exhibition hall of the the Suning corporate exhibition information, details about the Suning to accelerate the construction of information technology, and promote technology transition path - the use of cloud concepts and technologies, highly integrated, flexible and to mobilize the internal and external resources cooperation in the supply chain, customer service, internal management of enterprises in all aspects of the formation of cloud services platform and thin-client model, so that different objects can be customized heart, the freedom of access to more specialized, more personal, more convenient service cloud services, the integration of cloud resources, the use of cloud technology to build a cloud platform, the development of the cloud terminal, cloud management, and provide the overall strategy of the cloud products. Gou information construction and Suning, Zhang Jindong, and the senior team conducted in-depth communication, its concept store in Suning visit time of more than 90 minutes, is also the Suning visiting team the longest. Guo Taiwan, during the Ming and his entourage also modify the itinerary in the middle to participate again after finished the Purple Mountain Summit Luncheon return Suning careful to visit, study and depth of communication. Terry Gou said, came to the Suning make an eye-opener, really understand the importance of the background of the circulation path, a vast project of the concept store, logistics and information technology operations fully embodies the of Suning powerful application integration capabilities, and cooperation with Suning propulsion will be a lot of room for development. It is reported that Terry Gou and his delegation's visit and Suning reached a multifaceted cooperation intention. In view of the Suning the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the official presentation to promote scientific and technological transformation, to create intelligent, Suning, for suppliers, consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises and internal staff to launch Internet-based and intelligent terminals 'cloud services', Hon Hai Group is also efforts to promote the transformation of scientific and technological innovation, the future both sides will jointly carry out research and development of the intelligent cloud terminal, bearing application integration services. , Foxconn Technology Group will draw on the the Suning cover over 300 cities nationwide, sophisticated logistics network system, to enhance the capacity and efficiency of transit goods logistics, optimize the supply chain. In addition, in view of Suning has a large membership groups and stores sales data, the two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in terms of consumer research, as well as electrical products design, development.
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