Guide To Fix a Laptop Damaged by Water Spills

by:APTEK     2020-08-15
The water spilled laptop might even cause the system death. It is very important to get the solution for the laptop repair immediately to minimize the loss which would otherwise cost you heavily. The water spilled in the laptop or even computer can seep to the electronics and cause the short circuits damaging the internal parts of the system. In case of severe system damage like the burning of the internal parts or the smoke, take the online tech support immediately without delay. You can also get the same from the online pc tech support websites. Tips for repairing the water laptop damages by water spills Tip 1: It is very important to turn off the laptop as soon as the water is spilled in it. You can also force shut down the system by pressing the power button and holding the same for at least 7 seconds. The contact of the live circuit with water or liquid can damage the system extensively also. Tip 2: The battery of the laptop should be removed from the system. Use the electronic cleaner to clean the battery of the laptop in case there is any contact of the battery with the spilled water. Tip 3: If any peripheral like the mouse, Flash drive or external hard drive is attached to the system, disconnect from the laptop. Check for the water spills in the same. If found, use the electronic cleaner for cleaning the same and let it be dried. Tip 4: Tilt the laptop and allow the laptop to drain the water keeping it on its side. Leave the laptop to dry up at least for 7 days. Leave the system undisturbed as any disturbance can cause the water to be damaging more internal parts and spreading. Tip 5: Use the lint free cloth and soak the same in distilled water. If the liquid have sugar in it, wipe the external parts of the system with the same. Dry out the laptop completely. Also clean all the external connectors like the USB, video port with the help of electrical cleaner. Tip 6: Reattach the battery and the power cable. Power the laptop on and test the keyboard of the laptop, whether all the keys are functional. If the keys of the laptop stick, remove it with the help of Philips screwdriver or with the help of other tool. Wash the keyboard with the help of distills and let it dry. Fix the keyboard again in the system. You can also replace it if still not working. Tip 7: Open the optical drive and check whether it is operational. In case the hard drives are not working, replace the same. Until and unless the water is in direct contact, the system will be safe. In case any sticky liquid has entered into the system, wash out all the parts except the hard drive and the optical drive and dry it up. Reassemble all the parts. If the error is still not rectified, the technical support should be taken immediately.
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