If Rumours are to be Believed, What We're Expecting

by:APTEK     2020-08-02
Whenever a new Apple product is released, technology fans go mad. Everybody wants to get their hands of a piece of Apple history, with the hotly anticipated iPhone 5 being no exception. Believed to be announced this month, there are a number of rumours circulating about the new iPhone model; it's name, size, dock connector and many other features. Here we look at the rumours and assess whether they're likely to happen or not. The first rumour is the announcement date for the handset. Many believe this to be September 12th even though there's been no official announcement. September 12th may seem too soon, considering Apple haven't announced the event yet but realistically they could announce it a couple of days before and still get full press attention. If the announcement were to be n the 12th September many have reported that the handset will follow nine days later, so will be available from September 21st. Again this is a short time span, but it's nothing that hasn't been done before. The actual name of the handset is also not confirmed. When the iPhone 4S was announced, many thought that would be the iPhone 5. However with the believed changes to the new handset, I think it's safe to assume that this one will be called the iPhone 5 and not the 4SS! Screen size of the new iPhone has been the subject of a number of rumours, with many believing the iPhone 5 will feature a bigger 3.9' display, making the handset itself slightly taller than previous iPhones. With most phone screen sizes going bigger, again I think this rumour is fairly believable and the new 640 x 1136 resolution will be welcomed. Rumour 4 regards the dock connector of the iPhone. Historically the iPhone has always had a larger dock connector than most other handsets, but it's believed that the new iPhone handset will instead use a smaller 19-pin dock connector, making previous iPhone accessories obsolete. If this were to happen then it'd be great if Apple released an adapter allowing the new dock connector to work with old accessories. The final strong rumour involves the headphone jack of the iPhone, which has previously always been situated at the top of the handset. Thoughts are that it will now be at the bottom along with the smaller dock connector. This won't massively affect anything but may be a small issue with users wanting to use the headphone dock whilst the iPhone is docked.
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