Infrared Thermometers and Their Many Application Areas

by:APTEK     2020-07-30
Infrared thermometers are used always everywhere today, as a reliable alternative tool to gauge temperature. The most important feature of these temperature gauging tools that make them so popular is their ability to measure temperature without so much as touching the object whose temperature is to be measured. Moreover they are known to provide faster and accurate readings that make them more reliable compared to the conventional thermometers. There are many industry sectors where the infrared thermometer is used. But in this article we would talk about their use in maintenance facilities. Among the many important application areas of the infrared thermometers for maintenance are: For Electrical Maintenance: For solving and maintaining electrical problems, you can use infrared thermometers. You can solve problems in battery banks and power panel terminations, and fuse connections, ballasts, switch gears, and also identify hot spots in the output filters on DC battery connections by checking the temperature that is created by loose connectors or buildup. For Equipment Maintenance: You can check the temperature in all types of equipments and then determine whether they are hazardous to their proper functioning. The infrared thermometers would immediately let you know if there are hotspots in the moving parts in motors and gear work which may hamper the equipment performance. These thermometers are also great to diagnose heating related problems in such equipments as ovens, boilers and freezers. For troubleshooting engine problems: Infrared thermometers can also help in solving engine related problems. As overheating indicate problematic areas in cooling systems, braking systems and bearings using infrared thermometer would let you know well in advance and help you troubleshoot the problem in a jiffy. Use infrared thermometers to check the temperature of these equipments and avoid costly repairs after all, 'prevention is always better than cure'. Indeed, this is one tool which everyone should have at home and office.
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