Install CCTV Instructions to Install

by:APTEK     2020-07-30
Up until the 2000s, CCTV surveillance systems had to be installed by experienced technicians. Today, technology makes it easier for most people to install a complete digital CCTV system. It is recommended that two people work together to do this: one setting the camera up and the other monitoring the video. Below are the instructions to install CCTV: 1. If you want to monitor your CCTV system via internet, you must get an IP address. 2. Determine how many cameras you will need based on the layout of the area. You can get systems with 1 to 4 cameras at most electronic stores. Remember that wireless security cameras need an electrical outlet to work. If the outlet is easily accessible, an intruder can unplug the camera to avoid being seen. a. Be sure to get the right cables. A RG59 Siamese cable is the industry standard type used for most CCTV installs. This consists of one power cable and one video cable. b. For most homes, cameras are installed where the roof meets the wall of the house. The location shelters the camera from the elements and usually supplies a better view. 3. Install the CCTV software on your computer. Follow the instructions from the set up menu. To complete the set up, you will need your static IP address and a username and password. 4. Attach the first camera to your desired location, plug it in and turn it on. Have an assistant near the video display help you adjust the camera to get maximum coverage. Label the camera in your software with an easy to remember name. 5. Repeat step 4 to install the rest of the cameras. 6. Test the system after the CCTV installation is complete. To do this, type the static IP address into the browser address bar and then login to the page that appears. Once this is complete, you should be able to choose which camera view and to check what has been recorded. Note: In addition to CCTV security systems, a new product is the HD CCTV or HD security cameras. HD CCTV refers to high definition closed circuit television. This is an advanced form of CCTV or closed circuit TV, refers to a visible or covert video system intended for only a limited number of viewers. In CCTV, the picture is viewed or recorded, but not broadcast. HD CCTV is an open industrial standard for transmitting high definition digital video. The camera has to use point-to-point coaxial cables that link to a video surveillance application. These systems can transmit 720p or 1080p video over at least 100m of RG59 cable. HD security cameras have a similar installation process as CCTV.
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