Installing a Car Audio In- Dash Media Player

by:APTEK     2020-07-29
When it comes to installing a new in-dash CD player in your vehicle it really comes down to selection (personal preference). You will want to choose a player that is affordable and practical, but looks also plays a factor. Once you have selected the deck that's right for you, now it is time to decide how to install it (professionally or 'good enough'). Installing a CD player in your vehicle can be very simple if you let it. Selecting a CD player can be difficult if you are not sure what you want. There are many different types of players out there that suit the new technology you may require. If you only play CD's in your stereo then all you will need is a basic player. However, if you like portability in your music (ipods or MP3) then you may require that the deck you choose has a USB or AUX connection to be accessible on the deck itself. Prices of these decks will vary depending what type of in-dash player you choose. Most players now-a-days comes equipped with the USB and AUX connections on the front as well as RCA connections in the back of the deck (unseen once installed). So if price is not an issue then looks becomes more of the factor. With looks, personal preference will come into play. Now I can't tell you what to choose here because it is your personal preference not mine. Choose wisely because you may never know what the future your stereo system may have. Now that you have selected your deck the installation begins. How do you want to install your new deck? Well, there are a few ways to go about it and I will briefly discuss each. First, there is the low cost way of installing and it requires nothing more than a space that fits in your dash and electrical tape. Providing the new deck fits correctly in the dash space (not all replacements will be this easy), you will simply have to match the color of wires to each other and cover each connection with tape to protect your system from shortages (this may require vehicle manual to show which colors are for what). I don't recommend this way because the work is scabby and electrical problems may occur. Another way to install your deck at low cost is pretty much the same as the 'scab' way above with only one small difference. Here, you use the proper electrical connectors designed for the size of wire you are connecting. This is a little less 'scabby' but is kind of 'scabby' in itself. The correct way to install your new deck is this one and I recommend it be done this way if at all possible. When you have your deck chosen, speak to the salesman and let him/her know what type of vehicle you are installing into. There are correct connection to connection harnesses available so that wire splicing is not necessary. Also ask the salesman for the in dash mount specifically designed to match your vehicle as well as your deck. Installation becomes easy with all these things because it is as simple as remove the old deck, disconnect the wire harness, install mount (just slides in and clicks in), connect new harness and connect to new deck. Last step is to just slide the deck into the mount and you have just installed your new deck and are ready to listen to your music. So even though there are other ways to do it, install your new deck to the recommended procedures and your system will have a professional look that was all your own. Remember, installing a new deck can be simple if you keep it simple and do it correctly. They are not as complicated as you think.
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