Installing Electrical Wire In Your Home Requires Knowledge

by:APTEK     2020-07-30
If you live in an older home, the wiring is most likely far outdated. Wishing to install new wiring in your home is a tall order and you will need an extra pair of hands to help, but it can be done. Just remember that working with electricity calls for extreme caution. If you show respect for electricity running through your home, you have the right attitude for the job. Eye protection as well as rubber soled shoes should be worn just in case a problem develops. Just like the carpenter who measures twice and cuts once, you have to take the time to double check all of your work. Asking a certified electrician to double check your connections is never a bad idea. With the power shut completely off you can begin to rewire the entire home or the portion you want to do for now. The use of a tester carries a lot of importance and should always be used. You never know when or where a live wire could be hidden away. Even when you are certain all power has been turned off, use the tester. You may find yourself unpleasantly surprised. Rewiring an old home by yourself is an impossible task. There are times when a helper will be needed. You will need to trace wire from the outlet or plug back to the breaker box. This is the only way you will figure out what wire is attached to what. An old trick that often comes in handy, is to connect the new wire to the old wire using heavy duty tape. When the old wire is pulled out, new wire is pulled into its place. Always leave plenty of wire to work with. Electrical wires with stress on it can become disconnected over time, and create a fire. No wire should be left loose and the ground should always be connected. Other wires are connected with the use of a twist cap. When the work is done go back and check it again. For the sake of the family's safety swallow your pride and have your work double checked by a certified electrician. This is a much better option than having your home destroyed by a fire due to a connection that was improperly installed. Although many consider wiring not to be difficult you must give it the respect it deserves. Appliances that draw large amounts of power such as the stove or washer and dryer need to have their own junction boxes. If at anytime you begin to feel you have taken on more than you can handle, call in a professional. You will learn many new things and acting as their aid, may reduce the cost considerably.
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