Is there any third party doing profinet connectors quality test?
To be able to confirm our information on profinet connectors is dependable, we turn into a third party for product testing. This invaluable endorsement for the product functionality will give our customers additional satisfaction that the products are rigorously tested to industry standards.

APTEK now is a great company who enjoys high reputation. Zhongshan Aptek Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd's circular connectors series contains multiple sub-products. A lot of tests for APTEK cable assembly manufacturers will be carried out. The tests include dimension accuracy, material safety, colorfastness, wearing resistance, moisture-wicking, load-bearing capacity, etc. APTEK makes sure that each connector matches different environmental standards in all countries. There is continuous attention to quality throughout the production process. A total of 11 steps are built for custom service at APTEK such as technical feasibility analysis.

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