Is Your Laptop's Screen Flickering? Get Easy Fixing Steps

by:APTEK     2020-07-28
Among several laptop issues, flickering screen is one of them. This can be observed when you move the laptop back and forth. You might think that it will get automatically fixed and hence avoid it. However, this is not the case; laptop repair has to be done. But before you start the procedure, you should identify the core reason of this issue. Neglecting the flickering issue in the first go can damage your laptop screen completely. The flickering issue causes due to several reasons. Some of them are stated below: 1. Wobbly Cable: Any cable behind the Laptop screen can get damaged or get loose from the motherboard. This kind of cable is easy to access as it stays behind the LCD screen. As a resolution you can remove the laptop top cover and unscrew the cable from the brackets. Then take out and reconnect the cable from behind the screen. However, if you find that the flickering screen issue is persisting then you need to go through a rigorous remote computer repair in order to make the cable connected directly to the motherboard. 2. Faulty Video Chip or Card: Too much heat can cause damage to the video chip card or make it loose. As a resolution take a heat gun for heating the cable connector and press down the chip firmly. You can easily reseat a loose video card by taking out and inserting the video card back to its slot. But make sure that the heat sink is tightly fastened before trying the video again. 3. Bad or loose connector on the motherboard: Too much opening and closing of the laptop can also cause damage to the laptop motherboard. As a result, the laptop screen can be seen flickering. With constant opening of the computer screen heat is produced which make the connector loose. You can try re-soldering the connector by using a heat gun. Heat will melt the connector a little bit and then if you press it down, you will be able to reseat it back to its place. Even after trying these mending processes if the issue is not solved; then you need to replace the motherboard for which you will surely contact technical support company with plans and pricing suiting your needs. 4. Loose LCD connector: Due to too much wear and tear your laptop's LCD connector gets loosened. If you try to solder the connector, it can cause further trouble as the LCD is very much heat sensitive. Finding a suitable connector for laptop is very tough. Neither can you buy a connector separately. The only possible remedy you can find, is if you can get the connector from a working LCD otherwise the whole LCD screen has to be replaced. The above are few mentioned reasons due to which your laptop screen may flicker. But if you are unable to detect the exact cause of the problem, then immediately call up online computer services to help you out. You will get the desired guidance for fixing the issue.
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