Make a Mouth Watering Hog Roast in Four Easy Steps

by:APTEK     2020-07-23
People love to socialize, hold parties and cookouts. These are great ways to share good times and stories with family and friends. Some common staples on these events are beer, soda and of course, the food. Have you ever thought about of how to do a hog roast and having one on your next get together? Hog Roast It is definitely something unique and it creates that 'something new buzz' all hosts want at their party. But, like any other specialty meal, there are certain procedures you need to follow before achieving the perfect way of roasting a pig. You need to follow the correct instructions on how to prepare everything. We would like to share with you a few steps on roasting a pig using your La Caja China. Find Out How to Roast a Pig with these Easy Steps Step # 1- Season the Pig Open the pork by the belly, do not cut or poke holes into the upper or side skin. You can now prepare the brine solution. You should inject this into the meat and not into the skin, every three to four inches. Use the proper syringe for doing this. Check the thickness of the meat, and this is how you will determine the solution to be injected. Next, turn the pork over, and wet the skin with the same solution. Now, evenly apply salt all over the pig. Blend and strain your favorite spices. Once done, tie the pig in between the racks. Place the racks with the pig ribs on top of the grease tray. Close the Caja China with the ash pan and charcoal grid. It is vital that at the time of roastng, the pig or other meat should be at room temperature. Bear in mind that there are a few things that can turn your roast pig into a 'roast disaster.' One of them is if your meat is not at room temperature prior to roasting. Step # 2 Prepare the Charcoal Opt for a charcoal that lights fast, burns even and lasts a long time - something like Kingsford Charcoal. We advise you to NEVER use instant charcoal. You can start with 14 lbs for La Caja China model number one, and 16lbs for Caja China model number two. Place the charcoal in two piles of equal side, and put them at the end of each charcoal tray. Do not place the charcoal around the center of the tray. Step # 3 Light the Charcoal You can now light the charcoal by adding fluid. Spread it evenly over the grid. Fill the tray completely then make a pile on the center of the tray. Bear in mind that if your charcoal distribution is done incorrectly or if your charcoal tray has been lifted prior to the designated time - it may ruin the roast. Step # 3 Roasting the Pig After the first hour, remove charcoal tray and place it on the wire rack, flip meat or fowl. When you flip the pork leg or shoulder, small cuts should be made into the skin. Now, the charcoal tray should be back on top again. This time, add 5lbs more of charcoal, and continue to roast. You can add charcoal two more times for the next two hours, but be sure to distribute it evenly throughout the tray. After three hours, you can lift the charcoal grid, shake and remove the ashes, remove the ash pan and dump the ashes. Step # 4 Cut the Skin and Turn the Pig Over Turn the pork over and cut the skin, every four to six inches. Then, replace the ash pan and charcoal grid with charcoal on top of the box and continue the roasting process for crispy skin. You can check the skin in 30 minutes, by slightly opening the box at one of the corners. Do this continuously for ten minutes until the skin is crispy. Use Your La Caja China for your Pig Roast So don't forget, when hosting your next party, make a hog roast using your La Caja China!
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