Make Fixing Your Underground Mess Easy

by:APTEK     2020-07-23
If you accidentally cut an electrical cable while digging or pounding in a fence post, you can repair it with a splice. First turn off power to the electrical device fed by the broken cable at the circuit panel. Then dig 12 in. on each side of the break in the wire and gingerly work your way to the cable. You'll find the cable anywhere between 12 and 24 in. deep. When you locate the cable, use a noncontact voltage detector to ensure there's no power. Replace the whole section of cable that you dug up with the same gauge UF (underground feeder) cable. Cut the cable about 12 in. on either side of the break. Then strip back the sheathing 2 in. and the wire insulation 5/8 in. Use two special underground splice kits (sold at home centers) to connect the new cable section. Slide the heat shrink tube over one end of the cable, and then connect the wires to the brass connector (Photo 1). Do this on both ends of the new cable. Once the damaged cable is replaced and the wires are joined with connectors, slide the heat-shrink tube over each connector (Photo 2). Heat the tube with a heat gun until it shrinks tight on the connector and sealant bubbles out the end. If you have a broken underground line and no clue where the break is, hire an electrician with an underground open/short locator. The electrician will be able to locate and mark the underground cable, determine how deep the cable is buried and pinpoint within a few inches where the problem exists. Repairing underground wire should be completed by the electrical power company or a licensed electrical contractor. Most states require that contractors have a digging permit to complete the required digging needed to locate and repair the electrical break. Digging without a permit can bring a hefty fine. Check with your local Utilities Protection center for digging guidelines in your area. Underground electrical conduits can become damaged for any number of reasons. Most times, the damage is due to aging wires and the environment. You will need to make repairs that are long-lasting and safe. Safety, quality and your satisfaction are our most important goals. When we professionally repair your underground fault you can be sure that it will be done right with those same goals in mind. We know that your time is valuable and for most installations we can complete this install within a short period of time. If you wish to have your service wire or cables replaced, we can do this with a traditional underground trench. If you wish to avoid the mess of a torn up yard and landscaping, we offer trenchless underground installation. We can directional bore in your new service wires or data cabling. A certified Houston Electrician in the area will be beneficial in ensuring all electrical installations are done correctly. Electricians in Houston should be trained in all aspects of home lighting and should be able to assist you at the drop of a dime.
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