Making Sense of Cable Categories

by:APTEK     2020-06-11
One important element in today's age of advanced technology, is making sure you have the proper computer cabling so all of your components work properly. This is extremely true when you are connecting your machine to the internet via an ethernet cable. With all the choices available in the marketplace, picking the best quality cable can be daunting. With the following tips, picking the best computer cabling can be easy. The biggest confusion is debunking all the different letter or numbers that are used to label the various forms of network cabling available. The most used ethernet cable is Cat5 or Cat5e. This cabling is commonly unshielded, and relies on its twisted pair design to minimize noise reduction, which helps to improve the quality of the connection. Cat5 computer cabling is useful in situations where your equipment is located near the RF power device. This form of cabling will be best used in residential, light industrial and home office settings. Some common forms of equipment that can utilize Cat5 cabling include computers, printers and ATM machines.A� If you require internet connections in areas that are in a farther proximity from the RF powered device, such as a modem or router, than Cat5 cabling isn't your answer. You will need to upgrade to the newest addition of network cabling on the market, Cat6. This cable is perfect for connections up to 330 feet away. Cat6 computer cabling is shielded, and therefor provides the most reliability from noise interference. One difference in installing Cat6 cable is that it must be grounded on both ends of the cable. It is also recommended that you have this cabling professionally installed, so you can be sure your network connection is working at its optimal level.A� Purchasing your network cable can be simple. If you are looking to wire an entire house or building, try to locate a retailer that will sell you cable in bulk. Also, make sure you are using a reputable brand of cabling. The most common and one of the most esteemed companies is Belkin. If you cannot find that brand, check with your retailer for a good substitute.A�
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