Marketing Ideas For Small Business - Use Article

by:APTEK     2020-07-22
Are you a local business owner who is looking for marketing ideas for small businesses which can help you reach more of your customers online, improve your visibility, credibility and build a business email list all at the same time? If this describes what you are looking for then you might like to consider setting up an internet article marketing strategy for your business. How does this marketing idea for small businesses work? The way this internet article marketing strategy works is that you write an article which is submitted to and published on various article directory sites. At the end of the article you have a special feature called an author resource box. Within this resource box you can include a link to your site and offer the reader an incentive to click through to it. When the visitor has clicked through to your site, you have an opt in form which collects their names and email addresses. On this site the prospective customer is also able to read about the products and services that you offer to them. By using a cleverly crafted resource box at the end of your article, it is possible to use this internet article marketing strategy to building your subscriber's list. As you build your list in this way, you can also nurture a relationship with them so that when you market relevant products to them, they trust you enough to make a purchase. Your business email list gives you a method to tell your prospective customers about your business and inform them of any special offers or promotions that you may be running. Article marketing can be used to improve the ranking of your website. The link you place in the resource box provides a backlink to your site. Generally the article directory will have a higher ranking on the search engines than your small business' site. The link from the article directory site provides a vote in support of your site, and in this way pulls up its ranking. As you continue to submit more articles so the more your business' site will improve in ranking. The higher the rank is for your site the more chances there will be for customers to find it. If you submit your article to a distribution site, they will find other directories and websites who will use your article. This means that it will be syndicated across the web and many more backlinks are generated which in turn helps to improve your sites ranking. Internet article marketing also has the advantage of building your credibility in a certain niche. As you write more articles in a particular niche topic you become an expert in that topic. So, if you are looking for small business marketing ideas that will increase your ability to connect with more customers, then you should consider using internet article marketing.
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