Microsoft Outlook

by:APTEK     2020-07-21
Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 is a personal information manager developed by Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft Office 2007 and is available both as a separate application as well as a part of Microsoft Office 2007. It is mainly used as an e-mail application for sending and receiving e-mails. It also consists of a Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, Note taking and many more. This section contains tips and tricks for using Outlook effectively. With the launch of Windows 7 on 22 Oct '2009, Microsoft played its cards with Windows 7 Upgrade Option. It popularized the scheme in association with different computers and laptops manufacturer. Manufacturer were in turn also benefited, in the dual deal. The form of Microsoft Windows Upgrade are available with the manufacturer, the user needs to visit them and fill the form, or do it online. All the language and territory details needs to be fill in the form. After the form is accepted the user will get the DVDs of upgrade and a confirmation on their email. Microsoft Windows Upgrade has its merits that you can retain in your files and settings of the previous versions. Also this upgrade will be easier for you. Just insert the Windows 7 upgrade software into your PC's DVD drive and follow the instructions on your screen. You can maintain your distribution lists in Contacts in Microsoft Outlook through categories and grouping or filters. However, since Outlook support distribution lists in contacts folders, this reason has become less important. Many of the companies provide Microsoft product support and also provide outlook support. Following are the steps on how to set up Microsoft Outlook: Step 1: Firstly, you need to find the type of e-mail account for each of your e-mail accounts like (POP3, IMAP or HTTP). You should also know the name of the incoming mail server. For example: and the name of the outgoing or SMTP mail server such as You can get all this information in the service provider FAQ file or by e-mailing the provider. Step 2: Now, start Outlook Express and select Accounts from the Tools menu. Now, click on the Mail tab. Step 3: Click 'Add' which is on the right side of the box and choose 'Mail'. The Internet Connection Wizard will appear. Step 4: Type the display name for the account and click 'Next'. Step 5: Click the top radio button if you already have the new account. Write the name of the account and click 'Next'. Step 6: Type the mail server information which you collected in the first step and click 'Next'. Step 7: Type the user name as it shows on the account. For example, the account name of is 'feedback.' Step 8: Type the password to access the account. You can contact the e-mail service provider if you don't remember the password. If you don't want Outlook to prompt you for the password each time then you can also check the 'Remember Password' box. Step 09: Click 'Finish'. You can edit account properties by clicking on the name and selecting 'Properties' from the list which appears on the right.
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