Modern Industrial Wireless Controls - A Systematic

by:APTEK     2020-07-20
The ultimate revolution in the field of industrial wireless controls took place with the innovation of radio remote control technology. The operators of the gigantic machines always felt a need of powerful industrial wireless control in order to control the large machines. In order to fulfill this requirement the conception of modern radio remote control came in the mind of the operators. The modern remote controls are used in construction for different applications that require interference free control. The latest industrial wireless control manufactured by the top class radio remote control manufacturer has been introduced in order to make the system simple and convenient. You can install the new industrial wireless controls systems in your existing or new industrial machines. Some of the popular industrial wireless products are ranger series, ranger DM series, wireless emergency shutdown, pro-control series, bulk transport leak detection system, aircraft refueling system, etc. Normally the installation of the radio remote controls used for normal purpose simply requires connections to power supply and the output relay screw terminals. The operator can activate the output terminals just by pressing the button on the transmitter encoder. The whole system unit is housed in a rugged IP68 weather proof enclosure. The receiver of the system is very powerful and it has the capacity to learn up to 15 transmitter button pairings. These signals are even memorized when the power supply is removed. Each of the individual switches on each transmitter can be paired with any or all of the receiver relay outputs. A decoder is supplied in an IP68 rated enclosure along with the cable glands as well as the wall mounting lugs. The fixed installation radio remote controlled unit can be operated with either 121/24VDC battery or 230Vac. However, under no circumstances the remote control unit should be connected to more than one power supply. You also need to isolate the main power supply before removing the cover of these wireless remote controls. The maintenance of these modern industrial wireless controls is also very easy. You just need to make sure that the maintenance of these remote controls should be carried out by a qualified electrician only. There will be an additional low battery indicator. The external LED will flash for 5 seconds when a button has been released and if the transmitter battery is low. A 2.1 mm jack socket is required to access the battery recharge circuit. You can recharge the battery by using a 12vDC power supply and the batteries are recharged in approximately 8 hours. Each of the transmitters in the wireless remote control possesses a unique identity of their own. When a switch is pressed each time, a highly secured radio frequency signal is emitted from the transmitter. This Radio Frequency (RF) signal is also appears as random encrypted data stream. The receiver of the unit can learn this encrypted signal and allocate to an output. The operator can pair any transmitter switch to one or many of the receiver's output. The receiver has a maximum capacity of 15 pairings.
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