MP3 Advantage And Disadvantages

by:APTEK     2020-07-24
Thanks to the development of technology, we can enjoy music with a capable mp3. Now, mp3 is so popular that every youth or even the senior have a mp3. There's no deny that mp3 plays an important role in our life. For me, i like useing the mp3 to improve my english listening. There are some advantages and disvantage about mp3. They are as follow: There are a few key advantages and disadvantages relating to distribution and listening of MP3 files. Music made portable - MP3 compresses files to a manageable size, MP3 lets you take your music pretty anywhere either on a portable or car player. Turns your computer into a jukebox - You can easily store, manage and play MP3 files with graphically visual player on your computer making it into juke box of your favourite tracks. Share MP3 files easily - Because of the size of MP3 files you easily transfer either via physical (CD-r) or electronically (over the Internet). Easy to create custom CDs - With your collection of MP3 files you can make custom CDs of your favourite tracks. Easy to transfer over the Internet - With slower Internet speeds, MP3 files makes it easier to transfer. Music quality lower than CD quality - Even with higher birate used to encode your MP3 files but still not as good as CD quality sound. Publish and distribute your own music instantly over the Internet - You can record & mix your music using a computer and easily publish and distribute your music without spending thousands of dollars for packaging and promoting you are your music. Promoting your music online - Promoting your music online can be achieved in several ways posting MP3 files on a website, newsgroup, or sharing them through files sharing networks (Napster like programs). Advantages & disadvantages for record companies: Reduces distribution & production cost - Companies can reduce production & distribution moving from creating music and distributing on physical media such as CDs or cassettes. Promotions made easy - Record companies can simply create a web site for the artist and allow sample downloads of the artist. Direct sales to customers via the Web - Customers can buy and start downloading their favourite tracks straight away from artist or record company web sites. more transfer:
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