My Experience About Online Shopping

by:APTEK     2020-07-20
I am a university student in school, but also a super Web bugs. Once, when I browse the Web and found an ad online that can allocate to short-sighted glasses. I have ever heard that buying online glasses are convenient but customers cannot see the practical effects of their own, not as simple as buying sunglasses, just pick out and wear them. How does it look like matching glasses online? Curiosity drove me to try. So I entered on the ads following the site's domain name '', then a beautiful fashion shopping website comes into my eyes. The products are well-classified and have ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, the certification issued by the U.S. FDA for the visual correction of exempt products. After reading a few seconds of the FLASH demo, I click directly into the optical system with a virtual test page, the system models tried, personally tried, frame products, products such as lenses menu is very complete. The web site says that it is necessary to upload your own photo, following that I take a good shot a photo with their digital camera, and upload to the test with the system. The next step is to elect the frame of the glasses. I choose the category and a lot of elections come out. I drag a frame in my head, and I look really good. It is a very stylish pair of glasses and colors are various. I think that the craft looks fine; the real effect should be great. After that I tried more than a dozen pairs. The price of the each pair glasses on-line is only 1/3 of the optical shops. Why don't I buy a pair of glasses? Put them into the shopping cart, and then choose the lens! What! It is just like going to the optometry hospital! The article also links to articles, take a look at first. After reading the article, I only get that the refraction of an optical shop is in the clearance. However, the equipment is poor; the level of technicians is limited. In order to wear a pair of comfortable glasses, I choose to go to the hospital or a light bar. After I go to the hospital, I now know how the appointments process is complex and important, before and after the testing, the doctor also stresses the importance of medical optometry. Different conventional and general optometry, optometry medical purpose is not only to see the objects and, more importantly, the coordination of eye glasses that take the important role of health care. I am back to the optometry single, land to my account, enter optometry data, choose to pay express distribution, it is soon submitted to the orders. The next day express is arrived, I excitedly opened the box, and the glasses are lying in the beautiful box. I carefully put them on. It's very comfortable! Good material, very light, all better than I imagined. Then I wear them to class, my classmate all ask me where I bought the glasses. So I told them I bought them online, the web site is It is affordable, good quality and choice of products, more important, they are comfortable, fashionable, and able to display a personalized fashion. Since then, a pair of glasses breaks the history and usher a new era in the spectacle. The online shopping experience, give me a deep impression, and I will return to this site from time to time tried some new glasses, the feeling is a kind of buying online gaming. It is a leisure and creative process, a different experience from the shop experience to the heart; it left me more happy memories. So, I think this is a real sense of the consumer experience. Of course, I believe that this way of optical line will become the first choice for groups of young fashionable people.
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