Operation System of Digital Oscilloscope

by:APTEK     2020-07-18
Oscilloscope is an instrument which is used to measure electrical signals. And it can observe the process of the electrical signals. If it can show digital graphic illustration of an electrical signal, so it called digital oscilloscope. According to the volume and weight, oscilloscope is found as laboratory bench-type and portable type for work. Handheld, PC based and USB based are all portable oscilloscopes. General, the portable ones are battery operated. There are digital and analog designs of oscilloscope. Oscilloscope usually has more than one input connector. The signal which is tested was accessed to the input connector, then the input connector will measure and analyze the signal. So that oscilloscope can measure and inspect several signals at the same time. When digital oscilloscopes testing the signal, once they identified the triggering events, the ADC converter will convert the voltage to digital information, then oscilloscope will use this information to display a digital graphic of the waveform. This feature is different from analog oscilloscopes. General, digital oscilloscopes and analog oscilloscopes can use on the same measure purposes, but they have different characteristics for different specific purposes. Digital oscilloscope has unique features like waveform triggering, storage, display, measurement, waveform data analyzing and processing and so on. Compared to analog oscilloscope, digital one has higher data processing capabilities and is easier to be read and understood. Digital oscilloscopes can capture the events that occur only once. They can process and storage the waveform information then display on the screen. They also can connect with other device or your PC for the further analysis. Most users prefer to buy a digital oscilloscope, as it really excellently applicant in high speed, user-friendly design, low repetition rate. From all of the explanations, you might get something about the operation system of digital oscilloscope. If you want know more about the digital oscilloscopes, please focus on my other reviews.
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