Questions about the circular connector poor contact

by:APTEK     2020-04-09
< p > circular connectors have the advantages of advanced structure, high reliability, convenient use, therefore in the currently, more and more used in instruments, meters and other equipment to it. But some users in the course of using the reflected in the situation of the poor contact, which make its use more troublesome. < / p > < p > circular connector and the internal reasons for the phenomenon of poor contact with both the product itself, there are also components generated when the interconnection of poor contact, the other in the process of production caused by poor contact virtual welding. < / p > < / p > < p > in general connector pins or terminals will have a layer of coating, coating material a lot, such as pure tin plating, gold plating, silver plating, nickel plating, etc. When a device at the time of contact is mainly the contact between the coating and the different coating materials on the conductivity is different, so will Chen she different resistance contact resistance. < / p > < p > at the time of welding, because the process itself is a process of alloy, itself is a conductor, so welding itself does not produce the situation of the poor contact, unless at the time of welding welding is not good. < / p > < p > so the connector contact is good enough mainly to see if the two contact surfaces contact is good, it is related to its coating material, the conductivity of the general gold higher. < / p > < p > when the connector, coating the surface oxidation so could affect the contact problem, and the circular connector contact pressure is too small, so will appear the phenomenon of poor contact, the contact pressure, the greater the contact, the better, then when the connector hole contact element elastic is not good, then contact pressure natural decrescent, contact is not so good. < / p > < p > in peacetime to ensure circular connector contact is good, is not recommended in damp or strong acid, strong alkali environment, in order to avoid oxidation, corrosion, and don't be hasty, rough in use process, prevent the connector joint part deformation. < / p >
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