Smart Glass is A New Way of Designing Buildings

by:APTEK     2020-07-07
Smart glass operates by using the electric voltage to affect the alignment of microscopic particles within the glass. Smart glass technologies include electrochromic devices, suspended particle devices, micro-blinds and liquid crystal devices. The use of smart glass can save costs for heating, air-conditioning and lighting and avoid the cost of installing and maintaining motorized light screens or blinds or curtains. This Glass technology can be used for skylights, doors, windows, dividers and partitions, automobile, boat and air craft windows, appliance windows, computer screens and cell phone screens. Critical aspect of smart glass is that, it includes installation costs, the use of electricity, durability, as well as functional features such as the speed of control, possibilities of dimming, and the degree of the transparency of the glass. It is more costlier than the standard glass. However, this can be argued at the point that the energy saving qualities of the smart glass can pay you for that differential over its lifetime. Smart glass represents a category of glazing materials that visibly change their properties in response to a stimulus. The benefits of using smart glass are: It allows the users to control the amount of heat and light by just pressing a single button. It changes from transparent to opaque, partially blocking light while maintaining a clear view of what lies behind the window. Another type of smart glass can provide privacy at the turn of a switch. The entire film is sealed between 2 pieces of tempered and laminated glass. The glass is then hermetically sealed around all the edges, and all electrical connectors are concealed and insulated from the user. It is a product mainly used to give a new and designed look to the house, offices and is a great tool for contractors, engineers, architects and interior designers a define a complete new way of designing.
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