Steps to Design an Attractive Homepage

by:APTEK     2020-07-05
Homepage of websites help to form an idea about organization or company. Well designed as well as perfectly made homepage helps to instil a sense of trust. In case a site is to be used for internet business, then the homepage plays a significant role in bringing in customers as well as retaining the existing ones. Imperfect sites on the other hand can turn off prospective consumers and make businesses lose money. Thus it is imperative to come with the best site. Below are few ideas that will help to design the best homepage. Keep things simple: All of us are simply addicted to Google. Apart from its ability to produce information within seconds, its simple homepage also play a role in attracting visitors. A closer look at Google home page will help to understand that the page contains nothing apart from a search box and some links. Even then it is possible to find all relevant details within only a few seconds. Beauty of perfect homepages lies in simplicity. Simple and user friendly sites help to garner more positive response. There are many who fancy usage of lots of graphics and a host of other functionalities. This leads the end users to get completely lost. The best firms for Web design in London take a cue from Google homepage and design a functional but simple homepage. Incorporate a suitable tagline: All the visitors may not know the exact reason behind making of the concerned site. Most people come to websites directed by search engines in an answer to a particular query. Thus, the homepage must come with a tagline explaining the things that are done. Proper content distribution: Many sites come with a huge graphic that occupies a major part of the site and all significant details lie cluttered. Websites like this will never be able to garner positive feedback. Thus, proper distribution of content achieves significance here. For instance, there need not be separate links for history of company, policies and management but they can be incorporated under single subhead of 'About Us'. Emphasize on high priority tasks: Sites have higher chance to success if they can provide the users exactly the things that they need. Firms for web design in London usually research on requirements before designing websites. In case the visitors find that they can avail all requisite details, they will keep returning to the concerned site. Optimum link usage: When users visit a particular page, their eyes will invariably be on the lookout for relevant links. Thus, it is better to include significant keyword in the link names. Beginning each link with company name is definitely ridiculous so help visitors with the things they tend to be on the lookout for. Easy navigation: Homepage that allows easy access to site content is no doubt the best homepage. Site maps help a lot in making the task of exploring websites easier. Include a search box: Regardless of things that a particular site is dealing with, visitors prefer to have a search box where they can enter their queries. Include a search box and make sure that it works. Meaningful graphics usage: Images are considered more effective than text. Do not include unnecessary images or graphics as that will make it difficult for the visitors to connect with the site. Key to designing sites lies in having knowledge about exact requisites. Rest is pretty easy since everything else will be done by firms for web design in London.
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