Understanding More About Truck Metering Systems

by:APTEK     2020-06-22
Truck metering systems Truck metering systems form a major group of petroleum road tanker equipment. They combine the world's best liquid controls flow meters and ultrasonic air sensors along with the cargo pumps that are proven the best in industries. The variations in the system offers electronic or mechanical registration, hose reel and also bulk metering with both wet and dry hose options for delivery. All these are certified to European standards. Truck metering systems gives administrative and operational benefits for the user. They maintain optimum accuracy on all deliveries and eliminate any loss of the products associated with it. Loading skids The wide ranges of loading skids also known as bottom Loading skids are cost effective units and have been configured for loading the distilled products. With a variety of designs available each unit gets designed and installed as per the specifications from customer. Loading skids are meant to meet petroleum industry standards that make it applicable in all related industries. Its specific features make it ideal for the gas or petroleum industry like its electronic or mechanical metering, colour coded hoses, overfill prevention monitor, thermal relief system etc. Each unit of loading skids are designed, built, delivered as well as installed as per the specifications and expectations of the customer. Product return systems Features - The original design of the product return systems enhances spillage free product line and the transfer of liquid between the tankers or ground level compartments. The system comes with either a standalone control box or can also be integrated to the manifold control box. Safety - It helps in avoiding the need for drivers to climb on the top of the trucks to transfer the loads or for changing the product. This makes the product return system simple, safe and clean to operate. Easy to connect - The product return systems can be supplied for the purpose of direct mounting on the body of manifold or with a projection for mounting to the active vehicles. The single flange can fit both 3in and 4in pipe-work and can also be reaffixed to the existing vehicles there by delivering minimum out of service time. The system comes with control system, integral open/close indicators and pre-assembled valves. Low Maintenance - The sectional design of this unit offers full maintenance without removing the core flange from the tanker. Tanker loading systems Loading arms or tanker loading systems are generally made of steel or aluminium and can suit any type of tankers as they come in varied sizes. The tanker loading systems can be ideal for top or bottom loading units and are specified for small loading depots as well as large main stream oil terminals. The mechanism of these units is fully adjustable for the height and balance thereby making the connections of the loading coupler to the tanker a completely effortless process. They have powder coated surfaces for resistance from any kind of weather. They provide long years of service with a minimum requirement for maintenance. Tanker loading systems are widely used in road and rail tanker loading facilities, oil distribution depots and petroleum stations or terminals.
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