Usage of Cable Trays And AC Motors

by:APTEK     2020-06-21
Having been around for decades, cable trays have experienced evolutionary growth over their long history. Not a particularly glamorous product to many, in these high-tech times cable trays have, nevertheless, kept pace with the growth of the cabling industry and its cable-routing applications. In fact, the cable-tray market has seen rapid growth in the recent past, driven mostly by the spread of communications cabling, the emergence of high-speed local area networks, the development of multimedia applications, and the increasing popularity of videoconferencing. All of these applications are influencing both the design of cable-tray systems and the selection of individual cable trays to meet the evolving needs of customers. In the early days of cable trays, the material of choice was steel. However, over time the benefits of aluminum have become well-known. 'Aluminum is lighter and the structural strength of it is equal to steel at half the weight,' says Middelthon. Various places where cable trays are preferably used: Cable Tray Support The invention relates to a cable tray support for use in supporting cable tray above or adjacent a building surface and, more specifically, to a cable tray support that is field adjustable, has built-in redundancy to prevent disassembly and which can provide initial support during installation of the cable tray. The support includes first and second posts, the posts being adapted for securement to a building surface. The support further includes an elongated bracket having a generally centrally located hinge and first and second generally opposing legs. The support further includes a first securing mechanism located in the engagement region for locating the bracket with respect to the post during installation of the cable tray. Things To Be Checked With The Supplier Of Cable Trays Before Installation AC Motor AC motors or Alternating Current motors are those motors that run on alternating current. However, there are differentAmotors that can be further divided as per the kind of rotor that is used in them. AC motors are not new to us, and they have been invented in the 19th century by various great electrical engineers like Nikola Tesla and Michail Dolivo Dobrovolsky who came out with three phasemotors that are commonly used in major commercial applications. TodayACmotors are being use in some of the common applications that we use like mixers and hand drills. ACmotors are generally divided into single phase motor and three phase motors. Single phaseAC motors are mostly used for items that are used in home, and therefore, you find them in juicers, mixers and other household appliances. However, there are large single phaseACmotors that are used by adding a capacitor to it, which creates a second phase from the single phaseACcurrent passing through it. This kind ofAC motor is better known as induction motor. On the other hand, three phaseACmotors have more power, and therefore, they are mainly used for applications in factories and industrial settings. One of the important advantages of using anACis that you can vary the speed of the motoras per your convenience. The speed is generally measured in rotation per minute also known as RPM. Whenever there is AC motor repair and rewinds then it should be implemented in accordance with Quality Standard ISO9001:2000.
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