Use air plug should pay attention to what?

by:APTEK     2020-04-13
< p > when using the aviation plug products should be avoided by severe impact, or falling from a height, so as not to cause the plug internal structure damage. < / p > < p > when air plug is in a state of separation, can be set on the protective cap, can avoid the tarnished. < / p > < / p > < p > if you plug in the connection are not isolated, after a short time you can do on insurance between plug and socket. < / p > < p > when the aviation plug in the connection, if there is any breakage, should pay attention to the line of the cable core and see if the attachment at the end of the phenomenon has become loose. < / p > < p > if no accurate connection plug connection, not electricity, so as to avoid accidents. < / p > < p > when the aviation plug need to clamp wiring harness, locking device can be used to avoid the plug fall off. < / p > < p > to install the plug of the machine cabinet, in order to guarantee smooth, can be appropriate to adjust the position of the axis. < / p > < p > if you need to clean air plug, do not use detergent that is harmful to the plug, can use cotton swabs dipped in some alcohol to wipe the, pay attention to plug in to dry before use. < / p >
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