Using the Cat 6 Non Booted Patch Cable

by:APTEK     2020-06-10
What kind of networking system do you have or are you trying to have? You've got to ask yourself these questions if you want to find out how to and why you want to use the cat 6 non booted patch cable. You have to think if you want bonded and non bonded type of cables each for their specific jobs. For the bonded, maybe you live near an electromagnetic field or you get lots of interference from the frequencies of radio transmissions, this is where having bonded cables are needed. Especially if the data you have is very classified and very sensitive, you will want the bonded cables. You can use unbonded cables if your environment is anchored and sound without any electromagnetic field interference nearby. Have you heard of a company called Beldon? This is where I would go to research and find exactly what is needed to patch a network together. With technology changing each day and if you are wanting to create a network of computers together along with printers, copiers, scanners, you may as well make use of the cat 6 non booted patch cable now. It will save you from upgrading later from the cat 5 to the cat 6 if you do it now. If you buy some games for your children and in the directions it says to use a cat 6 non booted patch cable, you will understand now what it is used for. This type of cable is especially good for use if your computer system is not going to be moved around and it is in a stable position. These cables are also available in happy and bright colors from your local discount department store. As far as the Ethernet cable, it can also be purchased from Wal*Mart or other stores. I know for a fact that some cable companies bring Ethernet cables along and put them on the computer when they connect the computer to the cable modem. You can also get a connector if you need the cable to be longer. One thing to be sure of in this wonderful day of the Internet and computers is this. Make sure to do your research because if you are new to computers and you don't understand words like cat 6 non booted patch cable, patch panel, rj45, stp, utp, shielded and crossover, you are not alone. Go to the search engine you like to use, put a word like 'gigabit' in the search box and click on the submit button. You are going to see so many searches of people just like you trying to make heads and tails out of what they need to do. Just figure this, a novice computer owner just likes to turn that computer on, log on to the Internet and have fun. If you can do this, your research is complete!
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