What are the connector style decision factors

by:APTEK     2020-03-21
< / p > < p > there are many factors to determine the connector series and styles, including adaptor cable and use frequency range is a major factor. In engineering practice, the small and cable diameter as similar as possible, to minimize reflections. Cable diameter and the greater the difference between the diameter of connector, the worse performance. The rate of function increase, and generally smaller connectors at higher frequency, the performance is usually good. For very high frequency ( More than 26 GHZ) The connector, the media. < / p > < p > frequency range determines the use of connectors of the series. On our website, can refer to a variety of connector series and their standard usually at lower frequency ( Under 6 GHz) , use the card push the locking type or a bayonet lock type connector. Thread locking type connection usually in high performance applications. < / p > < p > usually cable specifications to determine the impedance of the connector. 50 and 75 ohm is the most used two standard impedance, and many connector series, two impedance. General cable and their features to see our website. Sometimes under frequency 500 MHz, 50 ohm connector can be used in 75 ohms, and performance is acceptable. The reason for this is generally 50 ohm connector is cheap, and they used widely. < / p > < p > in addition to the cable and connectors in size match as much as possible to minimize the error, linear docking connector interface and insulation material is heavy and the air connection interface ( Such as SMA and N type interface) Can provide high frequency low reflection performance and overlap of the dielectric interface ( Such as the BNC and SMA) Performance is usually limited. Usually reflect the performance of connector chart is the reflection coefficient table. < / p >
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